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Sep 21

Thundermother – Road Fever (2015)

Once again Sweden surprises us with another magnificent gem of music, this time its Thundermother; a quintet of girls obsessed with heavy riffs, loud vocals and punching drum fills. This band has what it takes to go head on with Swedish powerhouse Crucified Barbara, hell even the two bands playing a full show would be …

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Nov 07

Graveyard – Lights Out (2012)

Just last year, Graveyard shook the hard rock world to its core with the release of Hisingen Blues. People were allured to its killer songwriting and old school charm. Certainly there were many bands trying to bring this vibe back at this point, but none of them focused on making a song actually catchy. Many …

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Jan 31

Interview with Axel & Joakim of Graveyard

Graveyard is a band that has been around since 2006, keeping alive the spirit of classic rock, with influences that goes from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and early Deep Purple, the band had developed a unique sound based on those classics, not a repetition of them but a different approach maintaining the music intact, and their …

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