Tag: Swedish Metal

Dec 15

Amaranthe – Breaking Points – B sides 2011- 2015

Once again Amaranthe surprises us with yet another interesting release, last year they released their album Massive Addictive, and since then they have toured the world non-stop including North America twice this year. To continue the cycle of Massive Addictive they recently released an acoustic album titled Breaking Points – B sides 2011- 2015.  Use Facebook …

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Dec 05

Olof Mörck & Elize Ryd of Amaranthe discussed North American tour 2015

Amaranthe is a band that has grown so much in the American metal scene since their US début at Progpower USA in 2012, since then they have released two revolutionary records (The Nexus & Massive Addictive) and since then they have also toured the US not only once, but by now three times as a …

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Nov 12

Jani Stefanovic of Solution .45 discussed Nightmares In The Waking State Part I

Solution .45 is a Swedish band that has a lot of progressive influences but sounds more like a melodic death metal band. The band is about to release their 2nd studio album titled Nightmares In The Waking Stage Pt 1, which inherited the sound of its predecessor For Aeons Past (2011). One of the differences …

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Nov 09

David Andersson of Soilwork discussed touring the US & The Ride Majestic.

Soilwork has become one of the modern symbols of melodic death metal along with bands like Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum. They are what we can call the second generation of the Gothenburg sound. Recently Soilwork just finished an extensive tour along the US supporting Soulfly, during the last days of that tour the stopped by …

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Oct 27

Draconian – SOVRAN (2015)

Draconian is one of the few bands that had keep their musical style constant since they formed back in 1994. The gothic /doom metal scene had its peak in the late 90’s and slowly started to decrease and transform in the early 2000’s. The whole concept of the beauty & the beast vocals changed for …

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Oct 22

Anders Jacobsson of Draconian on the new album SOVRAN

Since 1994 Draconian has been at the vanguard of gothic/doom metal, even when the genre changed they stood up against time by keeping the same musical formula for the fans that still love this kind of style. Through the years they had changes like any other band, but they have been quite relevant for the …

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Oct 13

Tad Morose – St Demonius (2015)

Tad Morose made a pretty solid return a couple of years back with Reverant (2013), as they keep on the path of continuity with this year’s release St Demonius. Tad Morose sounds healthy and stronger than ever before on this record, I didn’t listen to the band until Reverant, but I have had heard their …

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Jul 20

Sister Sin discussed Black Lotus & their experience at Mayhem Fest 2015

The Swedish quartet Sister Sin was a surprise announcement for Mayhem Festival 2015, after their tour with Doro back in 2013, the band released their 5th studio album titled Black Lotus in late 2014, Still keeping their mix of rock & roll and hard rock, they were the odd ball for the Victory Records stage, …

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May 29

The Age of Metal speaks to Soreption while on the Back to the U.S. Tour

There are multiple bands forming each day, and for this reason the music community is oversaturated. It’s becoming more difficult for bands to become recognized. But the band that crossed this difficult barrier is Soreption. This is a death metal band that uses inhuman dexterity to win their fans over, but their adept skill of …

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May 14

Joakim Brodén of Sabaton talked to us touring North America, Heroes, and ideas for the next album.

Sabaton‘s popularity have grown a lot since their first US tour back in 2012, they had become an interesting and fun band to watch live, not only the thematic aspect of their lyrics or how fresh their heavy metal style is are part of the appealing this band has. But, there is also the charisma that …

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Apr 29

Shining – IX Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends (2015)

Shining is one of the most recognizable bands in black metal. The reason for that is because of how distinct yet versatile this band remains. Their newest release IX Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends proves this. The symphonic atmosphere is the perfect background for the incongruity of composition, and this will help keep the listener intrigued. …

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