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Dark Tranquillity / Omnium Gatherum /Exmortus at Club Red. Tempe, AZ (02/23/14)


Grand Magus – Triumph And Power (2014)

Grand Magus - Triumph And Power - Artwork

This is the 7th Grand Magus’ studio album, following their masterpiece The Hunt. After fourteen years of activity, Grand Magus’ sound and style has come from rock’n roll to a more epic sound, experiencing interesting changes in Christoffersson’s vocals which is totally connected to the band’s evolution through the years.

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Amon Amarth at Club Red. Tempe, AZ (01/18/14)


The fact that Amon Amarth was playing Tempe, AZ was not a surprise, the surprise was they were playing at Club Red. You would expect them to play a venue like Marquee Theater or Celebrity Theater, but booking them at Club Red raised a lot of eyebrows and brought up the question of the space of that venue (750 person capacity). But against all odds, two days before the show was sold out.

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Necrophobic – Womb of Lilithu (2013)


Swedish death metal troupe Necrophobic released their newest album, Womb of Lilithu, on October 29. This legendary band returns after four years of silence to deliver this monster of an album.

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Christer ‘Krunt’ Andersson of Tad Morose talked about Revenant with The Age Of Metal


10 years has passed since Swedish premier Prog/Power metal band Tad Morose released any music, some of us thought the band was in hiatus, others thought they disbanded. True to be told, they have been through difficult times as their line up has been inconstant, which resulted on delaying their released for a while, until now.

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Erik Danielsson of Watain talked to us about the US tour & The Wild Hunt


The ceremony, the ritual, the show was perfect as Watain‘s music invaded Joe’s Grotto here in Phoenix, AZ on Sunday October 27th 2013. Unfortunately to our date the stage was not covered on blood or had animal carcasses as part of what typically is a Watain show. Nevertheless their show was amazing from beginning to end.

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In solitude & Watain live at Joe’s Grotto Phoenix, AZ (10/27/13)


Last night’s show at Joe’s grotto was better than the last time I saw Watain & In Solitude at the Nile Theater last year, not only the stage and sound is better at Joe’s Grotto, but also the place and staff are is nicer.

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In Solitude – Sister (2013)

In Solitude - Sister

In Solitude surprised us all with their new record Sister, that is almost nothing compared with their latest record The World, The Flesh The Devil. Indeed they had transcended to a whole new level. But the band has not changed or abandon their ways, they like many other bands just evolved.

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Tobias of Noctum checked in with The Age Of Metal


Classic, dark and spooky are the best words to describe what Swedish classic rockers Noctum sounds like. Their music reminiscences Black Sabbath, or Deep Purple (in some riffs), and they just had surprised the world with their obscure music.

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Grave – Morbid Ascent EP (2013)

About 2 decades ago in the beginning of the birth of what we know as “Death Metal” many metal bands started the movement but only a few stayed and made their mark in history. The infamous Grave has risen again to give us just a taste of what we’ve been missing and desperately need.  EP’s are just a taste or a tease not a complete full album but at least its 5 tracks to hold you over until they do create a full length album.  Considering they released their latest album Endless Procession Of Souls just last year in 2012 this is a treat.

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