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Sep 27

Dragons In L.A: Within Temptation Live At Club Nokia. Los Angeles, CA (09/26/14)


It has been 6 long years since Dutch symphonic metal pionners Within Temptation last visit the west coast on a formal tour (three of their member were here in Los Angeles for a intimate acoustic at The Joint back in January as part of the promotional tour for Hydra, their new album). Last night’s show …

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Sep 19

Amaranthe – Massive Addictive (2014)

Massive Addictive Cover-1

Amaranthe has grown up as a driven force in the metal scene with their particular sound that combines pop music, elements of Eurodance, and melodic metal. They had taken the world of metal by surprised during their last 4 years, their last album, The Nexus reached # 6 in the Swedish charts, # 4 in …

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Sep 18

Letting the Hammer Fall: A conversation with Oscar Dronjak of Hammerfall


After two years of rest and gathering of strength, the Templars of metal, Hammerfall had returned. This time they brought a new album with them. (r)EVOLUTION, which is the return to the basic sound of the band, that epic trademark sound that the band created with albums like Glory Of The Brave, Legacy Of Kings …

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Sep 16

The Kings of Errors Unveiled: A chat with Tom Englund & Jonas Ekdahl of Evergrey


Evergrey‘s new album, Hymns For The Broken is bound to be released on September 30th (US release) and so far it could be described, as one of the stronger releases the band had done in years. Glorious Collision, their previous album had some interesting moments, but it falls short to how amazing and deep Hymns …

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Sep 11

Meshuggah – I (Special Edition EP) (2014)

Meshuggah - I (Special Edition) - Artwork

To continue celebrating the 25th anniversary of Swedish metal mammoths Meshuggah. The band had decided to release the famous 21 minute opus, ‘I’ along with 2 live songs from the 2012 – 2013 Ophidian Trek World Tour, and the song Pitch Black which was released on a EP last year. All this will be release on a special edition CD …

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Sep 09

Freak Kitchen – Cooking With Pagans (2014)


Swedish experimental metal trio, Freak Kitchen is about to release their 8th studio album this September, the new opus is titled, Cooking With Pagans. In this new album Freak Kitchen‘s music continuing being experimental, but somehow Cooking With Pagans is a more organic and unadulterated album with relation the material this band have released in the …

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Aug 31

Hammerfall – (r)EVOLUTION 2014

Hammerfall - (r)Evolution - Artwork

Swedish power metal icons, Hammerfall released their 9th studio album titled (r)EVOLUTION a couple of days ago in Europe (UK, 09/01 NA, 09/02). And it feels like yesterday that they released The Glory Of The Brave (1997) album, and with it the resurrection of power metal as one of the more powerful, and emotive genres …

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Aug 27

Mattias Eklundh of Freak Kitchen discussed Cooking With Pagans with The Age Of Metal


Freak Kitchen will release their new album Cooking For Pagans this September. What is interesting about this release is the character of the album as a whole, and while you might expect a generic folk metal album from an Scandinavian band. What Freak Kitchen will deliver is an entertaining, fun-loving, and sassy album that doesn’t care …

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Aug 25

Evergrey – Hymns Of The Broken (2014)


Hymns For The Broken is Evergrey‘s 9th studio album following a three-year wait from the Glorious Collision released in February 2011. A unique part of this album is the fact that we have some returning faces in the band which I felt is the reason I felt reminiscent of Inner Circle (2004) while listening to the album. By no means …

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Aug 14

Jensen of The Haunted talked to us about Exit Wounds


After two years of silence, and a hiatus that ended with the band’s return to the spotlight at this year’s 70.000 tons of metal cruise. The Haunted will release a new album this August 25th (Europe), and September 2nd (North America), the new record titled Exit Wounds sees the return of former members; Marco Aro (vocals) and Adrian Erlandsson …

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