Tag: Swedish Death Metal

Mar 13

Evocation – The Shadow Archetype (2017)

Starting out recording a couple demos, Evocation shook up the Swedish death metal scene with the sheer ferocity in their live shows and unique sound they produced with influences from many different areas. Despite their hiatus and lineup change many years ago, they eventually got back in the studio. They then recorded five full-length albums, …

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Jul 19

Victor Brandt of Entombed A.D. discussed Hellfest & Beer

Entombed A.D. was one of the most amazing bands who played at Hellfest. This is one of the bands I’ve been excited about since their influence on the metal scene is the strongest today than it has ever been. My first time seeing them was when they played in Tampa, supporting Amon Amarth. Use Facebook …

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Jul 18

Entrails talked to The Age of Metal at Hellfest 2016

Out of all of the bands who played at Hellfest, Entrails is one of the ones who conquered. I would even argue they were the most brutal band in the whole festival. With a ruthless set that includes plenty of headbanging and moshing, these Swedish death metal titans made a lot of extreme metal fans …

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Mar 18

Tomas Lindberg of At the Gates discussed 70000 Tons of Metal

One of the bands I was looking forward to most on 70000 Tons of Metal was At the Gates. Having been gone so long, I was ready for this band to slay on the cruise. And I wasn’t disappointed! And any crowdgroer can feel the passion and energy behind their music while watching their live …

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Apr 21

Johnny Hedlund of Unleashed discussed the ideas behind Dawn Of The Nine

Swedish death metal conjurers, Unleashed, returned to the spotlight with a new album tilted, Dawn Of The Nine. Unleashed has been one of the few long time standing death metal bands that had kept their sound and songwriting history constant, while others had turned into a pure folk/pagan metal. This Swedish quartet had keep developing …

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Jan 15

The Crown – Death is not Dead (2015)

The Crown’s new album Death is not Dead is truly a tremendous release. Every song will provoke you even more as the album plays to the point where you can’t stop listening. The Crown has always stood out amongst other melodic death metal bands for their distinct use of energy, and this quality stands strong …

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Dec 15

Nick Holmes discussed with us singing on Bloodbath, and how he prepared for Grand Morbid Funeral

Bloodbath has since their beginnings considered to be a ‘Super Group’, even when ‘Super Groups’ were not a daily thing (which is nowadays). Their greatness is not based on who is on the band, they are great based upon how raw and heavy they are. I think when talking about Bloodbath it should be referred …

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Feb 25

The Science of Tranquillity, A Conversation with Mikael Stanne Of Dark Tranquillity

Listening to Dark Tranquillity and watching them live are two different experiences, their music translates exactly the same, as they are one of those bands that are able to sound good live as they sound on the record. But the live dynamic of a Dark Tranquillity show goes beyond the general screaming, headbanging or moshing, is almost …

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Feb 22

Black String of VAMPIRE talks about death metal in Sweden and the band’s new album

Little by little the return of the Swedish death metal mafia keeps creeping upon us, this time the band VAMPIRE is the latest addition to the growing new era of Swedish death metal. VAMPIRE is a four piece band founded in 2011, that had a massive underground success when they released their début demo in …

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May 09

Entrails – Raging Death (2013)

Swedish death metal band Entrails has conquered with another album. This third release, titled Raging Death, has the perfect blend of brutality and eeriness. Old school death metal fans will be ecstatic to find an active band that writes ruthless music. Gore metal fans will achieve boners due to the obscene imagery in the lyrics. …

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