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May 20

Doll Skin discussed the generation doom tour and In Your Face Again

When you were in high school, were you signed to a major label and went on national tours? Well, that’s the life the ladies of Doll Skin are leading. And their age is one of the many factors that is eye-catching about this band. Discovered by Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson just a couple of years ago, …

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Feb 28

Marty Friedman discussed the Inferno World Tour

In 2015 alone, Marty Friedman has extended his music to the edge. For it being his first time playing his solo material in North America, fans finally had a taste of his guitar work that has been put off too long. Now 2016 is here, and the Inferno world tour has reached every corner of …

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Dec 01

Hate Eternal at State Theater St. Petersburg, FL (11/24/15)

To say that Hate Eternal is a good live band is an understatement. With a fifteen year existence, this beast curled its claws around St. Petersburg, Florida. On November 24 State Theater hosted this intense performance. While their material is aggressive on recording, when it’s played live it truly bites into flesh; every note pounds …

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Aug 19

The Age of Metal speaks to Jason Keyser of Origin about Omnipresent at The Summer Slaughter Tour

There are some mind-blowing acts at this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour, but none more impressive than Origin. Origin is one of the most iconic technical death metal bands in history. And since the release of their newest album Omnipresent, they only impress the crowd more. There is nothing better than watching the crazy Origin solos …

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Aug 18

Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore talked about Constricting Rage of the Merciless at The Summer Slaughter Tour

Goatwhore is a band that’s easily distinguishable by their grungy yet versatile sound. This unique band has conquered the metal scene with unorthodox tracks and a brutal show to match. And this year with their newest release Constricting Rage of the Merciless, The Summer Slaughter Tour has never seen anything so grimy in its existence. …

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Aug 15

Fallujah talked to us about: The Flesh Prevails, Future Touring, and The Summer Slaughter Tour

Picture by: Derek Carr Fallujah is by far one of the most anticipated bands on this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour. And right after Fallujah releases their latest masterpiece titled The Flesh Prevails, I couldn’t think of a better time to see such a mesmerizing band live. Their newest album received only positive feedback from the …

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Aug 12

Bill Robinson of Decrepit Birth talked to us about their next album and The Summer Slaughter Tour 2014

Decrepit Birth is no stranger to The Summer Slaughter Tour. But being one of the most iconic bands in technical death metal, they are definitely an act that everyone should watch. By far one of my personal favorites on this year’s roster, Decrepit Birth blows away the crowd with their dexterous musicianship and energetic stage …

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Aug 05

Summer Slaughter 2014. State Theater St. Petersburg, FL (07/29/14)

The Summer Slaughter Tour is one of the tours I look forward to most to attending every year. All of the most nefarious acts of death metal and progressive metal in one place truly makes it the most brutal tour of the year. In 2014 Summer Slaughter announced one of the best line-ups it’s ever …

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