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Apr 02

The Unplanned Path: A Conversation with Greg Mackintosh of Vallenfyre

I was introduced to Vallenfyre in 2011 during the press days previous to the release of their début album, A Fragile King. The band was founded by vocalist Greg Mackintosh (Paradise Lost) as a grief response to his dad passing in 2009, the album itself is full of doom melodies with really heavy and intense riffs, and …

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May 29

Vallenfyre – Splinters (2014)

What started as a project to pay homage to the memory of Greg Mackingtosh‘s father, who passed in 2009, it rapidly became one of the greatest underground death metal bands that had released worth material in the last 4 years. If A Fragile King was a fantastic debut album, Splinters takes Vallefyre to a heavier and darker level.  Use …

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