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Jul 16

Otep discusses Equal Rights, Equal Lefts tour and Generation Doom.

Otep‘s music has always been difficult to categorize into a single genre, either because of its complexity or because it’s a mix of different genres altogether. However, a constant factor along her music is how upfront and how aggressive it is. Her new album Generation Doom dropped last May as she was in the middle of the first …

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Jun 13

Jonny Hetherington of Art Of Dying discussed Rise Up & touring

Art Of Dying is a promising Canadian band that its been around since 2004, and have made their name resound around the rock scene by playing at festivals like Uproar Festival, Rock At The Range & Carolina Rebellion. The band recently release a EP titled Rise Up, containing five songs as a preview of their …

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May 13

Ricky Warwick of Black Star Riders talked to The Age Of Metal

Last year came as a revelation that the latest line up of Thin Lizzy wanted to record a new album, but with respect to the legacy created by the band since the late 70’s, it was decided that was best to record it under a different name. And that is how Black Star Riders was born.  …

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Sep 27

Felix Martin – The Scenic Album (2013)

When I was first given the opportunity to do this assignment I thought, fourteen-string guitar…WHAT? I had no idea something like that could be possible. But then I decided to go ahead and give the album a listen. The album is the newest release by Felix Martin titled The Scenic Album, and I couldn’t recommend …

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Sep 12

Tarja – Colours In The Dark (2013)

Tarja Turunen‘s new album Colours In The Dark is the solo artists and songwriter fourth studio album. Recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, various European cities and mixed in Austin, TX made the record a globe-trotter filled with a sense of multicultural approach. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Jun 26

Anciients – Heart of Oak (2013)

This past April, music fans got to indulge in the individualistic wave that is Anciients. Combining polished riffs with perplexing drum rhythms, this band is destined to impress. They combine rock and metal perfectly. Their low-tuned riffs will leave you lurid, and the clashing jarring and harmonious vocals and gradating music styles blend into one …

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Jan 07

Giant X – I (2013)

Giant X is the brainchild of Rolf Kasparek and Peter J. Jordan of Running Wild (you know, the well-known pirate power metal band). On this effort that is not a reflection of what their former band was. Rolf and Peter concentrated in a more rock and roll musical style for this project. Use Facebook to Comment …

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Dec 14

Brooklyn Allman of Picture Me Broken talked Mannequins with The Age Of Metal

Two years ago when I was metal director at my college radio station, I came across with Wide Awake the first album of a California-based band called, Picture Me Broken. The album was heavy, their lyrics were in touch with their emotions, and they were different to the scene bands that clogged that scene at …

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Aug 27

Leif Nielsen & Monika Pedersen of The World State checked in with The Age Of Metal

The World State is a Danish band that was form two years ago, and since then they have worked on their début album Traced Through Dust And Time. Their music is a mix of classic rock, old school metal, movie soundtracks, sci-fi music. The idea behind their music is bring something different and special to their …

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Nov 10

Led Zeppelin 2 : The Live Experience at Foundry on First, Phoenix, AZ. 11/09/2011

Last night I had the chance to experience a spiritual awakening from a musical perspective. I saw the chicago based tribute band Led Zeppelin 2 : The Live Experience. I went down to the new venue Foundry on First located in downtown phoenix, which is great by the way, lots of space, huge stage and a …

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