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Apr 11

Interview with Charles Elliott of Abysmal Dawn

All the way from Los Angeles California Death Metal band Abysmal Dawn has been in the scene since 2005 and since then have been making a name for themselves. They have toured with many amazing bands over the years some of which include: Obscura, Hate Eternal, Origin and many more. The band’s current album is “‘Leveling …

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Mar 29

Jonathan Athon of Black Tusk talks to the Age of Metal.

Black Tusk is a band that not many people know of but definitely should. Being from the town of Savannah, Georgia, Black Tusk plays some of the most sludgest metal I have ever heard. I had the chance of seeing them live for the first time ever on Friday March 16th at Chasers Nightclub and …

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Feb 17

Dan, Dave, and Anthony from Revocation talked to The Age of Metal

Revocation is largely considered to be at the forefront of modern metal. Their new album, Chaos of Forms, absolutely destroys. Furthermore, they’ve always thrown some of the best shows one can see right now. They’re a band legitimately on the rise, more refreshing than most other bands out right now. No other band sounds like …

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Nov 29

Steffen Kummerer talks Obscura with The Age Of Metal

Obscura is a technical death metal band from Germany that has been around the metal scene for almost 10 years now, their complex musical structure which is a combination of virtuosism and technical musical composition is what make this band be so good on record and live. With four full studio albums on their shoulders the …

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Oct 01

Mastodon – The Hunter (2011)

Mastodon chose to take an interesting route with The Hunter: after releasing three successful, highly conceptual albums, making a more standard album as they did could have ostracized many fans or simply not have worked very well for them. Coming up with a successor to their last release Crack the Skye, an album of absolutely …

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