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Mar 20

Negură Bunget- Tău (2015)

Finally, five years since the band’s last full-length studio album- Vîrstele Pămîntului– Negură Bunget release the first installment to their Transylvanian Trilogy– Tău. Negură Bunget has always combined Romanian history and folklore into their music-creating a unique and almost mystical blackened folk musical experience. The Transylvanian Trilogy will very literally use their homeland as inspiration for their music. …

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Jan 23

Alcest – Shelter (2014)

Although 2014 just kicked off, let’s start things by stating that this will likely be the least metal album review you will read at The Age of Metal for the entire year.  For those of you who haven’t already moved on to the next article, but are wondering why we chose to review this album, …

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Apr 26

Neige from Alcest talks to The Age of Metal.

http://i1116.photobucket.com/albums/k577/MarquisdeFeu/AlcestAGM1.jpg    Alcest has been one of those bands that that for a few years now have been refining their sound going away from their more black metal roots. On the 16th of April at the Rouge Bar in Scottsdale I had the chance to see Alcest for their first headlining tour here in the …

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Jan 31

Alcest – Les Voyagers d’Âme (2012)

  Back in 2001, a little known solo project from France called Alcest released their 1st demo Tristesse Hivernale. The brain child of Black metal veteran Neige (French for snow), Alcest was initially Black metal but over time has incorporated post-rock and shoegazing structures and melodies. In 2004 Alcest released their first full-length Souvenirs d’Un …

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