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Dec 29

Urban Breed of Serious Black discussed with us the new album As Daylight Breaks

Serious Black is the result of the unify dream of Roland Grapow (ex- Helloween, Masterplan) and Mario Lochert (Emergency Gate, ex – Visions of Atlantis) of a multifaceted heavy metal band, in order to fulfill that idea they recruit the talents of Thomen Stauch (ex-Blind Guardian), Dominik Sebastian (Edenbridge), Jan Vacik (ex-Dreamscape) and the golden voice of Urban Breed …

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Oct 13

Henrik & Pasi of Sonata Arctica check in with The Age Of Metal

Since 1999 Sonata Arctica has been synonym of power metal greatness, their style became the influence for many musicians and bands that wanted to emulate their music and follow their steps. As times passes this Finnish colossus, challenged themselves and adventured into new territories that took them to where they are today. With the release of …

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Sep 18

Letting the Hammer Fall: A conversation with Oscar Dronjak of Hammerfall

After two years of rest and gathering of strength, the Templars of metal, Hammerfall had returned. This time they brought a new album with them. (r)EVOLUTION, which is the return to the basic sound of the band, that epic trademark sound that the band created with albums like Glory Of The Brave, Legacy Of Kings …

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Aug 31

Hammerfall – (r)EVOLUTION 2014

Swedish power metal icons, Hammerfall released their 9th studio album titled (r)EVOLUTION a couple of days ago in Europe (UK, 09/01 NA, 09/02). And it feels like yesterday that they released The Glory Of The Brave (1997) album, and with it the resurrection of power metal as one of the more powerful, and emotive genres …

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Jul 31

Sam Totman of Dragonforce talked to us about Maximum Overload

Dragonforce is a well-known power metal band, perhaps one of the best known out there. This year the U.K sextet is coming back with a new album titled, Maximum Overload. The album is the reaffirmation of the trademark sound that Dragonforce had built during the last 15 years (really fast riffs, high-pitched vocals and blasting drums). …

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Jun 11

Stefan Weinerhall of Falconer talked to us about Black Moon rising

  Falconer returns to the spotlight with a shiny new album titled Black Moon Rising, that also marks the return of the band to their basic form. The album itself has the potential to be the considered the power metal record of the year. The guitar riffs on it are amazingly heavy and melodic, but they also are really fresh …

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Jun 02

Falconer – Black Moon Rising (2014)

Three years have passed since Swedish folk/power metallers Falconer released their album Armod. After that, they disappeared from the metal radar, everything from a hiatus, to rumors that the band had broken up appeared everywhere. Well, it seems that Falconer was just gaining strength to release their new album Black Moon Rising. Use Facebook to Comment on …

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May 22

Sabaton – Heroes (2014)

After flirting with Swedish history on their latest album, Carolux Rex, Sabaton returns to the war front with their new album Heroes. This album is the first one featuring all the new members, Thobbe Englund & Chris Rörland (guitars) and Hannes Van Dahl (Drums). The result couldn’t be better. From the music to the lyrics, Heroes, is …

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May 07

Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth on Touring and Plagues Of Babylon

Iced Earth is well-known for putting amazing live performances, that leaves fans asking for more every single time. The band released their new album Plagues Of Babylon last January, following to that, they embarked on a headlining world tour that took them to Europe, Australia, Israel, South America, and finally North America. Use Facebook to Comment on …

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Mar 26

Sonata Arctica – Pariah’s Child (2014)

After the heavy criticism that Sonata Arctica received with their last album, Stones Grew Her Name. The Finnish quintet had delivered yet another genius masterpiece in the form of Pariah’s Child. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Mar 21

Camden Cruz of Seven Kingdoms checks in with The Age Of Metal

Seven Kingdoms could easily be considered one of the best power metal bands in the country, they have toured supporting Blind Guardian (selected by the band directly) in 2010, and they had tour Europe with the likes of Stratovarius and Amaranthe last year.  Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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