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Nov 22

Chris Bowes of Alestorm & Gloryhammer checked in with The Age Of metal

Patience and hard work are not common words among pirates, but in the case of Scottish pirate metal band Alestorm these two factors can be considered the key of their global success. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Nov 21

Christopher Bowes of Alestorm talked to The Age Of Metal

From across the sea through the clouded storms pirate metal band Alestorm along with Insomnium & Epica on November 17th at Joe’s Grotto in Phoenix Arizona.  The show was packed, hot and sweaty.  Insomnium was very beautiful live and got the crowd going for the evening. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Sep 20

Interview with Chris and Gareth of Alestorm

They are pirates on stage and out of it, also they are Scottish so they know how to drink and have fun. I am talking about pirate folk metal band Alestorm, they are currently touring North America in support of their new album Back Through Time, and last week they passed through Tempe, AZ and …

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Jun 21

Alestorm – Back Through Time (2011)

Scottish pirate metallers Alestorm make their pillage bigger with their fourth studio album Back Through Time, that from the first riff it sounds like Davy Jones was in charge of the music arrangements, and the album were the very own Flying Dutchman powerful and fierce. Back Through Time is the track that opens the album …

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