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Sami Hinkka of Ensiferum checks in with The Age Of Metal


Ensiferum is without doubt one of the pioneer bands in the folk/pagan metal genre, many bands wants to sound, look, and be like them. But truth to be told, they are unique as they carry that trademark that they created many years ago. They are currently touring North America on the Paganfest America Tour 2013 along with bands like TYR, Heidevolk and Trollfest.

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Rowan and Reamon of Heidevolk talked with The Age Of Metal


Dutch pagan metal horde Heidevolk is on this year’s edition of the Paganfest America tour that is rumbling cities around North America. So if you are up to the challenge to see a good band that during the last 10 years has been spreading the pagan word around Europe, and now just crossed the Atlantic to raid America for the first time, you won’t be disappointed.

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Mr. Seidel & Trollmannen of Trollfest checked in with The Age Of Metal


Trolls are going to troll, and Norwegian Balkan Metal band Trollfest is not the exception to that rule. These trolls are on the American roads as part of the line up for Paganfest America 2013. So most likely they might be playing in a city near you right at this moment, or at your favorite bar drinking all the delicious beer.

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ENSIFERUM: Finnish Folk Metal Merchants To Headline Paganfest America IV

Finnish folk metal merchants, ENSIFERUM, are pleased to announce their return to North American soil as headliners of the fourth edition of Paganfest America. The epic jaunt will commence March 30th in Denver and pillage through 21 cities and includes a slot on this year’s New England Metal & Hardcore Fest in Worcester, Massachusetts. Among the strongest Paganfest lineups assembled thus far, support will be provided by Týr, Heidevolk, Trollfest and Helsott.

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Mathias Nygård of Turisas checked in with The Age Of Metal

Last week I had the chance to see live the Finnish battle metal band Turisas in full swing, last time they came to town supporting Cradle Of Filth (Feb.2011) I missed half of their set as I got late to the venue that night. This time around it was different as Turisas was headlining the 3rd edition of Paganfest America, a tour that mimic the european version of the tour, but with a different roster every time. Paganfest America in these edition counted with the participation of Huntress (USA), Alestorm (Scotland), Arkona (Russia) and Turisas (Finland) as a headliner. The show in Tempe, AZ was the last of the tour and unfortunately Alestorm and Huntress were not on the bill.
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