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Dec 30

Øystein G. Brun of Borknagar discussed their new album Winter Thrice

With 20 years of existence and 10 studio albums under their belt, Borknagar keeps showing why they belong to the hall of heroes of Norwegian metal. Continuing with the tradition of mixing black and folk metal they will be delivering a fresh album titled Winter Thrice that not  only reflects the progression of the band, but …

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Mar 14

Interview with Øystein G. Brun of Borknagar

Talk about Borknagar is mention one of the oldest institutions on Norwegian metal history formed back in 1998 with members of Gorgoroth, Immortal, Enslaved, Ulver & Arcturus. the band was a new proposal to the metal scene of Norway, that at the time was still saturated by black metal bands wanted to follow the steps …

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