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Feb 04

Matt Barlow & Freddie Vidales of Ashes Of Ares checked in with The Age Of Metal

The valley of the sun rarely gets special shows, since we are not a music or film mecca. we do get our hands on the general tours that cover the USA from east to west along the year. But it seems with the Superbowl in town, even metal fans in Phoenix got a special treatment …

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Jan 12

Blind Guardian – Beyond The Red Mirror (2015)

THE GUARDIAN HAS RETURN…This is really a motive of celebration, after almost 5 years without a new release Blind Guardian returns with a new studio album titled, Beyond The Red Mirror. There is something special about listening to new material from these teutonic icons of power metal, It feels almost like you are renewing your power …

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Dec 04

Machine Head – Bloodstones & Diamonds (2014)

Can you believe Machine Head has been around for the last 23 years?! The line up has changed quite a few times, leaving front man/ guitarist, Robb Flynn as the last remaining original member. Joined by Phil Demmel on guitar / back up vocals, Dave McClain on drums, and recently replacing Adam Duce, as their …

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Dec 03

Tom Hunting of Exodus on Blood In Blood Out and touring with Slayer

Exodus has been one of the fundamental pieces in the formation of thrash metal how we know it today, it’s not doubt that albums like Bonded By Blood, Pleasures Of The Flesh, and Fabulous Disaster are among the albums that shaped the thrash metal landscape. This year, finally Exodus released a new album. Blood In …

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Oct 13

Henrik & Pasi of Sonata Arctica check in with The Age Of Metal

Since 1999 Sonata Arctica has been synonym of power metal greatness, their style became the influence for many musicians and bands that wanted to emulate their music and follow their steps. As times passes this Finnish colossus, challenged themselves and adventured into new territories that took them to where they are today. With the release of …

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Oct 06

The Dragon Conversation: An Interview With Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation

Within Temptation has been a huge inspiration for many bands out there, as their music pioneers the symphonic metal genre, and the band itself is the love of many people that is fond of that genre and lifestyle. Last time they toured the west coast of the United States was back in 2008. Now they have returned to …

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Aug 21

Anna Murphy of Eluveitie talked to us about Origins and her solo career.

Photo by: 1073 Studio Eluveitie recently released their 6th studio album titled, Origins. The album takes the band further into the art of blending folk music and metal, an art that Eluveitie has flawlessly perfected since the band’s first album back in 2006. This time around, the band goes deep into Celtic mythology, as the album explores …

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Aug 19

The Age of Metal speaks to Jason Keyser of Origin about Omnipresent at The Summer Slaughter Tour

There are some mind-blowing acts at this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour, but none more impressive than Origin. Origin is one of the most iconic technical death metal bands in history. And since the release of their newest album Omnipresent, they only impress the crowd more. There is nothing better than watching the crazy Origin solos …

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Aug 06

Helmuth of Belphegor talked to us about Conjuring the Dead and Touring

Belphegor has always been the band to stand out in extreme metal. They are one of the bands that always alters their belligerent sound, yet stay true to their unorthodox roots. And with their newest release titled Conjuring the Dead, they will continue to dominate. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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May 22

Sabaton – Heroes (2014)

After flirting with Swedish history on their latest album, Carolux Rex, Sabaton returns to the war front with their new album Heroes. This album is the first one featuring all the new members, Thobbe Englund & Chris Rörland (guitars) and Hannes Van Dahl (Drums). The result couldn’t be better. From the music to the lyrics, Heroes, is …

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Apr 29

Wolf Hoffman of Accept talked with us about Blind Rage

2012 saw the released of Stalingrad, the second album of Accept with Mark Tornillo in vocals, and the 13th studio album of the band. In 2014, Accept returns to the spotlight with their new album Blind Rage, to be released this July 18th via Nuclear Blast Records. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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