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Apr 25

The Return To Music- A Conversation With Carmen Elise Espenæs of Savn

When I heard of Savn last year, I was instantly excited. This not only meant the return of two members of symphonic gothic metal legendary band The Sins Of Thy Beloved to the music spectrum, but it also meant hearing something new from Carmen Elise Espenæs of Midnattsol, who has been in a semi-dormant state since …

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Jan 21

Ivar Bjørnson of Enslaved talked to The Age Of Metal

It’s not doubt that Enslaved is one of the most important bands in the extreme metal spectrum. Formed back in the early 90’s, the band shares the same past as bands like Mayhem, Burzum or Dark Throne. But the difference is that Enslaved understood the idea behind making music, and thanks to that they had …

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Jan 20

Chrome Division – Infernal Rock Eternal (2014)

2014 starts with some interesting releases, including this album (one of the very first releases of the year). Chrome Division started as a Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir, Ov Hell) and Lex Icon‘s (The Kovenant, Troll, ex-Dimmu Borgir, Covenant) side project, oriented to heavy metal and rock n roll music, which became to a consistent and compact …

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Nov 26

Trollmannen & Mr. Seidel of Trollfest checked in with The Age Of Metal

We safely can say that since 2009 folk metal has conquered the heart of thousands of American fans across the country with their epic songs, unusual instruments, and party animal attitude. This movement which lately has grown out of European shores, is one that has kept the metal party going for a while. Last week …

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Nov 04

Ihsahn talked with The Age of Metal about Das Seelenbrechen

Das Seelenbrechen, the fifth studio solo album from Ihsahn (Emperor, Peccatum, Thou Shalt Suffer,Zyklon-B ) revealed itself  October 21st, 2013. The wonderful thing about the way Ihsahn composes music is the variety. No two albums sounds identical which creates a lot of anticipation and excitement for new material. This experimental collection of songs gives us …

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Aug 29

Satyricon – Satyricon (2013)

The dynamic Norwegian black metal  duo Satyricon, are back with a new self titled album, a new label, and a whole new attitude. The new album Satyricon, is set for release September 9th, 2013 via Nuclear Blast. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Jul 10

TSJUDER – Desert Northern Hell (2013)

The black mass sacrifices and your satanic prayers have been answered yet again, once for the return of black metal heroes, Tsjuder, and now for the reissue of Desert Northern Hell (2004) with four additional live tracks previously unreleased and the Norwegian Apocalypse DVD. Desert Northern Hell made Tsjuder a house hold name amongst the …

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Jul 08

Sirenia – Perils Of The Deep Blue (2013)

Sirenia has become an institution in symphonic gothic metal since its creation back in 2001, and during the last 12 years it had produced some of the greatest albums in this genre from At Sixes And Sevens to Nine Destinies And A Downfall. Sirenia returns this year with a new crown jewel on Perils Of …

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Jun 26

Morten Veland of Sirenia checked in with The Age Of Metal

Since its creation back in 1998, Sirenia had become one of the biggest and most influential bands in the symphonic gothic metal realm, their style is faithful to the original formula of melodic keyboards, symphonic choirs, sharp guitar riffs, growling vocal, and female vocals that made the genre rise to greatness back in the late …

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Jun 20

Ole Vistnes of Tristania discussed Darkest White with The Age Of Metal

15 years have passed since Tristania begun their career as one of the most successful and influential bands in the symphonic/gothic metal scene. The changes on the band’s musical journey are reflected in each one of their albums, from Widow’s Weed all the way to their new album Darkest White. Use Facebook to Comment on this …

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Jun 07

Tristania – Darkest White (2013)

I remember the first time I listened Tristania was back in 1999, then see them live in 2001,  and how their sound at that time blew my mind into tiny little pieces. I used to listen the Beyond The Veil back to back for hours. It was so new, so dark, so deep. Only compared with early …

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