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Mar 14

Nick & Steve of Paradise Lost discussed 70000 Tons of Metal & The Plague Within

Since I discovered Gothic and Draconian Times, two of the most impressive albums by English gothic metal maestros Paradise Lost, I was in love with their music. Paradise Lost‘s music has always channelled sadness and sorrow in a way in which those feelings can be acknowledged and embrace in the same way as we embrace …

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Jun 01

Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost discussed The Plague Within

Paradise Lost is releasing their 14th studio album titled The Plague WIthin, and after 27 years of great music this English gentlemen still on top of their game, the album is a bomb of doomy, melancholic, and gothic goodness from beginning to end. The album itself reflects the band’s maturity, and at the same time it …

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Dec 15

Nick Holmes discussed with us singing on Bloodbath, and how he prepared for Grand Morbid Funeral

Bloodbath has since their beginnings considered to be a ‘Super Group’, even when ‘Super Groups’ were not a daily thing (which is nowadays). Their greatness is not based on who is on the band, they are great based upon how raw and heavy they are. I think when talking about Bloodbath it should be referred …

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Sep 14

Aaron Aedy of Paradise Lost checked in with The Age Of Metal

  Paradise Lost is one of those bands that can take credit for being pioneers not only of one genre of metal, but two genres of metal. Doom and Gothic metal, both genres had their prime on the early 90’s and for both Paradise Lost had been highly influential. Use Facebook to Comment on this …

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