Tag: Morten Veland

Jun 19

Morten Veland of Sirenia discussed touring the US for the first time

Sirenia is one of the few band that can be credited as a pioneer of the gothic metal movement, as they were founded at the peak of the movement back in 2001. With a pure gothic metal attitude, the have been constantly releasing great records regardless of the different change of line-ups over the years. At Sixes …

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Jun 26

Morten Veland of Sirenia checked in with The Age Of Metal

Since its creation back in 1998, Sirenia had become one of the biggest and most influential bands in the symphonic gothic metal realm, their style is faithful to the original formula of melodic keyboards, symphonic choirs, sharp guitar riffs, growling vocal, and female vocals that made the genre rise to greatness back in the late …

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