Tag: Metal Alliance Tour 2016

Jun 07

James Genez of Jungle Rot discusses Metal Alliance Tour and Touring

With how heavy Jungle Rot is, you’ll never guess this band was formed in Kenosha, Wisconsin. But with a hefty discography and years of touring, this band sits right up there with all of the extreme metal legends. While performing at Metal Alliance 2016, their response was one of the best for the tour. Use …

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May 30

Trey Williams of Dying Fetus discusses Metal Alliance Tour and new music.

Dying Fetus is the one band who has remained true to the underground death metal scene. This band influences countless death metal bands. And with that being said, no band has the speed and strength that Dying Fetus possesses. Dying Fetus proves their “Stop at Nothing” legacy — that has lasted over twenty years — …

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