Tag: Melodic Death Metal

May 28

Alissa White-Gluz of The Agonist talked with The Age Of Metal

Alissa White-Gluz front woman of Canadian melodic death metal The Agonist has established herself as one of the most popular and talented women in metal in today’s scene. Not only her powerful voice and presence on stage have the ability to reach and capture the heart of the crowd on a packed night at the …

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Apr 19

Steven & Marshall of Wretched checked in with The Age Of Metal

Wretched is a young melodic death metal from Charlotte, North Carolina that this year released their 3rd album. Son Of Perdition, a definitive and brutal album that breaks apart from what the band used to do before, but keeping the process of reshaping their own sound fresh. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Feb 20

Children Of Bodom at Marquee Theater. Tempe,AZ (02/15/2012)

It has been a long time since the last time I saw Children Of Bodom live, so when they announced their 15th anniversary tour I decided I have to be there, besides everyone loves a “Quinceanera” party right. With that in mind I arrived to the Marquee this past Wednesday February 15th just around 6:30pm …

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Feb 09

In Flames,Trivium & Veil Of Maya at Marquee Theater 02/08/2012

I have seen In Flames a few times in the past, but always during summer time and in an outdoor venue, which means over a 100 degrees and in a place way out the city. So last year when it was announce that they were coming back, and playing at Marquee Theater here in Tempe, AZ …

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Oct 19

Insomnium – One for Sorrow (2011)

Finland’s Insomnium recently released their fifth album, titled One for Sorrow. It’s very dark – not to say that it’s depressing, but the album has the feeling of being resolved to a lonely, somber path. Guitarists Ville Friman and Ville Vanni’s beautiful work immerse the listener in powerful dual guitar lines that are the backbone …

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Sep 30

Michael Amott of Arch Enemy talks Khaos Legions with The Age Of Metal

Formed in 1996 Arch Enemy quickly became a sensation in the international metal scene. From the minds of Michael Amott (Carcass) and his Brother Christopher Amott (Armageddon) and with the idea of form a band with a melodic character, but also driven by aggression in a technical environment. Arch Enemy rose as one of the …

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Sep 26

Interview with Ville Friman guitar player of Insomnium

With more than 14 years of experience and 4th full studio albums recorded, Insomnium is one of the flag bearers of the melodic death metal scene, and  after the success of their last album Across The Dark in 2009. The band returns with a new album One For Sorrow, a more melancholic and melodic album …

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Jul 31

World Under Blood – Tactical (2011)

World Under Blood is collaboration between CKY guitarist Deron Miller, Divine Heresy drummer Tim Yeung, guitarist Luke Jaeger, and bassist Risha Eryavec of Decrepit Birth that has its roots back in 2006 when Yeung and Miller first met. The two recorded several songs and put them up on MySpace for fans to hear and soon …

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Jun 19

In Flames – Sounds Of A Playground Fading (2011)

The masters of Swedish melodic death metal In Flames returned, with a new album Sounds Of A Playground Fading, with a retrospective style that reminds the sound used in Clayman (2000) their 5th studio album. Of course with some changes in sound and the use of electronic elements in a higher scale. is also important …

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Jun 08

Arch Enemy – Khaos Legions (2011)

Gothenburg Melodic metallers Arch Enemy returned after two years of absence with Khaos Legions, an album that like its name show, is a revolution call against the system and the order already established, without the need to carry a political message, Arch Enemy under the lead of the beautiful but strong Angela Grossow and the …

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Apr 21

Norther – Circle Regenerated (2011)

http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d191/migurozo/circle_regenerated_by_aequanox-d30q1qq-1.jpg Finnish death metallers Norther had return with a new studio album, Circle Regenerated, their 6th in their musical career, and it is great to see them back, their sound is more mature within the Finnish death metal scene, leaving way behind that stigma of being Children Of Bodom‘s little brother, and taking as their own …

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