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Apr 19

Insomnium – Shadows Of The Dying Sun (2014)

The definition of modern melodic death metal has returned, Insomnium delivers a powerful piece of metal art on their 7th studio album Shadows Of A Dying Sun. The distinctive sound of the band hasn’t changed, in the contrary it has evolved from what they presented with One For Sorrow back in 2011. Use Facebook to Comment …

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Mar 24

Meridian Dawn – The Mixtape EP (2014)

A while ago when I heard the demos for the songs presented on this EP, I got a hunch that this band could go far, and now I am glad I wasn’t wrong about it. With the release of the EP The Mixtape, Meridian Dawn delivers a small taste of their musical talent, and let …

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Mar 06

Tempe Night, Bodom Night – A Chat With Roope Latvala of Children Of Bodom

As expected Finnish metal sensation Children Of Bodom brought the house down a couple of days ago at Club Red here in Tempe, AZ. The band is now touring North America promoting their new album, Halo Of Blood. Their tour package this time is quite diverse, as they are touring with Death Angel and TYR. …

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Feb 26

Markus Valhala of Omnium Gatherum talked to us about Beyond North America 2014

After 20 years of existence, the Gothenburg sound still influences young bands out there. Some ended up copying their riffs and rip off their sounds, others just take the movement as a reference point to develop their own sound. That is the case of Finnish melodic death metal act, Omnium Gatherum, who after six albums they …

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Feb 25

The Science of Tranquillity, A Conversation with Mikael Stanne Of Dark Tranquillity

Listening to Dark Tranquillity and watching them live are two different experiences, their music translates exactly the same, as they are one of those bands that are able to sound good live as they sound on the record. But the live dynamic of a Dark Tranquillity show goes beyond the general screaming, headbanging or moshing, is almost …

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Oct 14

Insomnium – Ephemeral (2013)

Insomnium, the ingenious melodic death metal band domiciled in Finland, are a hot topic among metal brethren. They have released Ephemeral, off their forthcoming album,said to release sometime in 2014. This track debuts new guitarist Markus Vanhala who replaced Ville Vänni back in 2011 and is available for a digital download. In addition, there are three acoustic tracks, that were featured …

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Sep 28

Deals Death – Point Zero Solution (2013)

Out of the fiery pits of hell comes Deals Death. Actually from Sweden the Melodic Death Metal band has released their new album titled Point Zero Solution.  Finally a band that captures your attention.  With the body of the Manowar mascot and the vocals of what sounds like a mixture of Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir) & Alexi Laiho (COB) with …

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Sep 25

The Age of Metal speaks to From the Embrace at the Deland Rock & Metal Festival in DeLand, Florida

From the Embrace is a melodic death metal band from Tampa, Florida. This band has been captivating listeners ever since 2007, with their melodic sound overlaying progressive and heavy composition. This band has a lot going for them; a recent merge with melodic death metal band Wirethrone and dates in Georgia and Indianapolis booked, this …

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Sep 05

Parker Jameson of Starkill talked with The Age Of Metal

Last April Chicago’s melodic death metal force Starkill released their album Fires Of Life, the perfect mixture of the most notorious European metal bands. From influences that goes from Children Of Bodom and Nightwish to Dragonforce and Amon Amarth. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Aug 05

Antony & Brandon of Meridian Dawn checked in with The Age Of Metal

Meridian Dawn is a new melodic death metal band that features an assorted line up of well-known musicians, but please do not confuse them with one of the many “super-groups” out there. The band is composed by: guitarist Brandon Johnson, vocalist Antony Hämäläinen (Nervosia, ex-Nightrage), drummer Johan Nunez (Firewind, ex-Nightrage, Suicide Of Demons), bassist Nick …

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Jul 17

Mercenary – Through Our Darkest Days (2013)

When talk of countries with stellar metal bands takes place, the country that gave us King Diamond and Volbeat seems to be often left out of the conversation. Why is Denmark so frequently forgotten? It is a shame because fans are missing out on great music from bands such as Mercenary. If you haven’t taken …

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