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May 09

Matt Harvey of Gruesome/Exhumed discussed metal, comics, horror, and Death’s legacy.

Florida/California Death metal machine Gruesome had just wrapped up their first West Coast tour before joining Obituary on an East Coast take over. The band recently released their second EP titled Fragments of Psyche which includes a new song, a cover of Death‘s Choke On It and five raw demos from their debut album Savage …

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Feb 27

Matt Harvey discussed the origins of Gruesome and the ideas behind Savage Land

Last week we were surprised with the album trailer from a new death metal band called Gruesome, what breaks apart this new union of death metal fanatics and enthusiasts from the conglomerated of bands out there, is the fact that their music is a clear reflection & a tribute to the legacy of Death, We …

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Oct 21

The Age of Metal Speaks to Matt Harvey of Exhumed about Necrocracy

Exhumed is one of those bands who perfected the gorey theme in their songwriting, but keeps the song structure so catchy to the point where it sticks to your skull. This results in a band that’s truly unforgettable. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Apr 25

Matt Harvey of Exhumed chats with The Age Of Metal

Hailing from San Jose, California and formed in 1990, Exhumed is a powerhouse that has evolved from gore grind to death metal with a steady stream of brutality dispersed in between. The band, signed with Relapse Records, is currently comprised of members Matt Harvey (vocals, guitars), Rob Babcock (bass/backing vocals), Bud Burke (bass, vocals), and …

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Jul 30

Matt Harvey of Exhumed talked with The Age Of Metal

With a history riddled with a laundry list of former members, long gaps between releases and hiatuses, a rational person wouldn’t bet on Exhumed being the success it is today. Although you won’t hear any of their songs being played as background music while you shop at Walmart or eat at a restaurant, they’re the …

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