Tag: Japanese metal

Jul 09

Coffins – The Fleshland (2013)

Filthy and disdainful, those are two words that come to mind when The Fleshland LP opens itself up and begins to lay waste before you even know what hit you. Coffins, who have been together for over a decade, are putting out consistently punishing albums that are reminiscent of Hellhammer meets Autopsy with a dash …

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Jun 29

Church Of Misery – Thy Kingdom Scum (2013)

Hailing from the great city of Tokyo Japan, long time Doom artist Church Of Misery unleash their latest slab of Doom/Sludge madness. Their 4th studio release in 12 years,  Thy Kingdom Scum on Rise Above Records/Metal Blade Records. A veritable wall of sound, big strong pounding drums, massive fuzz guitars, spacey/feedback guitar leads that border on …

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Mar 09

Sigh – In Somniphobia (2012)

Sigh is quite the interesting band these days. Formerly signed to the infamous Deathlike Silence Records (run by Euronymous of Mayhem fame and the epicenter of the Norwegian Black Metal scene), they’ve espoused their black metal trappings and have gone quite experimental, becoming even more so over the years. Their new album, In Somniphobia, is …

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