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Feb 28

Marty Friedman discussed the Inferno World Tour

In 2015 alone, Marty Friedman has extended his music to the edge. For it being his first time playing his solo material in North America, fans finally had a taste of his guitar work that has been put off too long. Now 2016 is here, and the Inferno world tour has reached every corner of …

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Feb 23

Marco Aro of The Haunted discussed Touring, Exit Wounds and The Resistance.

After 20 years of in and outs and up and downs, The Haunted was finally back in the US after 7 years of absence, while still promoting their later album Exit Wounds, the band recently embarked on a short North American tour with fellow Swedish band At The Gates, Polish band Decapitated and American Hardcore act …

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Jan 04

Mem V Stein of Exumer discussed The Raging Tides

Exumer is a classic German thrash metal band that was formed in 1985 then disbanded in 1991, they got back together in 2008 and came back to the metal scene with a powerful album called Fire And Damnation in 2012. Since then they have been toured North America, Europe, and South America.  Use Facebook to …

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Sep 29

Exmortus checked in with The Age Of Metal

California’s new combers Exmortus are currently on tour supporting Arsis on their A Decade Of Guilt tour. An strange but exotic appetizer for the horde of tech death metal fans that have been supporting this tour. At first hand is interesting to see how Exmortus warms the crowd, as the concert goers don’t know if …

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Oct 12

Neige of Alcest chats with The Age of Metal

Whether it is black metal, post-metal or shoegazing, whatever genre Alcest touches is a guaranteed win. The intellect behind Alcest is a man named Neige. His music is nothing less than brilliant and can only be described as a journey, or an experience. In support of their 2012 release Les Voyages de L’Âme (The Journeys of the Soul) as well as their upcoming album, Shelter (2014), Alcest sailed …

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Sep 19

Vattnet Viskar Chats with The Age of Metal

Vattnet Viskar has only been around since 2010, and what they have accomplished in 3 short years is almost unheard of.  In this time they have released a demo, a self-titled EP, signed with Centery Media Records, played the SXSW2013, went thru a small line-up change, and released Sky Swallower (9/3/13), which is being called one of the best metal albums …

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Aug 15

Threat Signal checks in with The Age of Metal

Threat Signal reached out to their fans, via indiegogo, asking for help to get back out on the road. They set a goal of $15,000 offering a variety of ‘perks’ including a recording package ($5,000) where Jon Howard will produce, record and mix your bands EP in his home recording studio. Fans took advantage of these …

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Feb 17

Dan, Dave, and Anthony from Revocation talked to The Age of Metal

Revocation is largely considered to be at the forefront of modern metal. Their new album, Chaos of Forms, absolutely destroys. Furthermore, they’ve always thrown some of the best shows one can see right now. They’re a band legitimately on the rise, more refreshing than most other bands out right now. No other band sounds like …

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