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Dec 01

Chrigel Glanzmann of Eluveitie talked with The Age Of Metal

New wave of folk metal heroes Eluveitie have been around 10 years now. To celebrate it they not only recorded, Helvetios, their new album. Also they re-recorded their first EP Ven, and added their first album Spirit to a compilation that they called The Early Years. That is two releases in a single year, that …

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Feb 23

Eluveitie – Helvetios (2012)

http://i1116.photobucket.com/albums/k577/MarquisdeFeu/helvetios.jpg During the campaign of than Roman General Julius Caesar in 58 BC he was met with a Celtic tribe known as the Helvetii who lived in what is known as Helvetia or modern-day Switzerland. Folk-metal band Eluveitie (pronounced El-Vey-Ti) hail from this region and have released their fifth studio album Helvetios and is their …

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