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Dec 20

Miguel’s Top 20 Albums of 2013

Every year becomes more difficult to pick the best albums at the end of the year, some are better than others, some are just fantastic, and some are good, but for one reason or another they don’t make the list at the end. This year was a roller-coaster of great bands releasing great records, I …

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Jul 27

Hell – III (2013)

In A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce, Stephen Dedalus listens to his school preacher describe hell or  “the abode of the damned,” as said in the novel. “Imagine some foul and putrid corpse that has lain rotten and decomposing in the grave, a jelly-like mass of liquid corruption. Imagine …

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Dec 21

Miguel’s Top 15 albums of 2011

# 15  Nemesea – The Quiet Resistance Nemesea’s third full length album was a surprise for me, the band had change so much and the level of their music has grown so much as well, and I am very happy for that. The Quiet Resistance is full of new directions and influences, that can be …

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May 19

HELL-Human Remains (2011)

http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d191/migurozo/human-remains-hell.jpg If Dante’s Divine Comedy would ever have a soundtrack, the Inferno chapter would be dedicated to the entire Human Remains album by British NWOHM band HELL. They rocked hard back in the 80’s but with the falling apart of their label and the suicide of their original guitar player and singer David Halliday the …

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