Tag: Heavy metal

Jan 18

Michael Wilton of Queensrÿche discussed Condition Human

With over 30 years of experience in the music industry, a catalogue of 15 studio albums, and several world tours under their belt. Queensrÿche is a living touring institution in the metal scene, that keeps their sound current while pleasing their most devoted fan-base.  Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Jan 11

Exmortus – Ride Forth (2016)

Out of all of the bands to emerge from this modern era, no one is as distinctive as Exmortus. Their epic and riff-happy tracks are provoking everyone in their wake. They coined a sound that almost sounds like a madness of swords and shields. Mixed with harsh vocals, deep tones and rapid drumming this band …

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Nov 25

Chris Boltendahl of Grave Digger discussed touring North America

With 35 years of experience and more than 18 albums under their belt, Grave Digger is one of the most influential and yet one of the most underrated heavy metal bands out there. Their career started in Germany at the time that bands like Running Wild, Rage & Helloween were opening the path of heavy …

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Nov 18

Edge Of Paradise performs at the Mesa Music Festival (Mesa, AZ 11/15/16)

The Mesa Music Festival was the perfect door for Edge Of Paradise to début in Arizona. I have known about this band since more than a year now, and since I listened to their newest album, Immortal Waltz they have made a fan out of me. In the past year Edge Of Paradise has played …

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Nov 02

Sanctuary plays Club Red Mesa, AZ (10/28/15)

Seattle’s very own metal legends Sanctuary stopped by Club Red in Mesa, AZ Wednesday night for a good old-fashioned metal show. Sanctuary reformed a couple of years back  after a long hiatus, but since their return they have been quite busy by releasing  a new album, The Year The Sun Died (2014), and touring North America, …

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Oct 13

Tad Morose – St Demonius (2015)

Tad Morose made a pretty solid return a couple of years back with Reverant (2013), as they keep on the path of continuity with this year’s release St Demonius. Tad Morose sounds healthy and stronger than ever before on this record, I didn’t listen to the band until Reverant, but I have had heard their …

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Sep 07

Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls (2015)

Since the moment that a new Iron Maiden was announced, the whole metal world went on expectation and anxiety mode. It was the re-assurance that this band was moving forward after singer Bruce Dickinson beat cancer, because at the end of the day ‘Iron Maiden can’t be stop‘. yes a song line that became the …

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Aug 17

Kobra Paige of Kobra And The Lotus discussed touring & The Words Of Prophets EP

The last time I saw Kobra Paige with Kobra And The Lotus was when they played a full house at Martini Ranch opening for Amaranthe a couple of years back, their show and energy were so good live that night, that they really lighted up the place and keep the crowd warm. After that show …

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Aug 03

Marty Friedman discussed his upcoming US tour with The Age Of Metal

While every artist makes it to the United States, the only artist America hasn’t set eyes upon is Marty Friedman. Or, at least not for a long while. The virtuoso has been making headlines in the international music community, especially leaving Japan in awe at his magical guitar shredding. Use Facebook to Comment on this …

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Jul 28

James-Paul Luna of Holy Grail discussed their current tour and their new album

L.A heavy metallers Holy Grail are currently on tour supporting Wednesday 13, while at the same time they are getting ready to release their new album. Talk about Holy Grail is talk about one of the long-standing modern heavy metal bands out there, that since 2008 has been working non-stop to consolidate what is known …

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Jul 03

Falk Maria & Matthew of Powerwolf discussed Blessed & Possessed

After reaching success with their latest album Preachers Of The Night, the German wolfpack known as Powerwolf has returned with a new album titled, Blessed And Possessed, The band’s success on combining thunderous heavy metal music with a dark imaginary of religious icons, plus adding the unique voice of Attila Dorn had them tour Europe …

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