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Dec 28

Miguel’s Top 15 Albums of 2012

  2012 indeed was a great year for metal music. Great bands returned to the spotlight, others put a great effort of make something creative and different. I had great difficulty making this list, it were many great records that were left out that I enjoyed over the course of this year, but i have …

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Nov 10

Tim Narducci of Spiralarms talked to The Age Of Metal

California’s very own Spiralarms is on the road now along with Zed & Swerver in a mini tour that started a couple of days ago at The Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood. This hard rock/stoner metal band is the combination of ex members of Systematic, Forbidden and Man Made Man is also getting the …

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Oct 26

Sister Sin – Now And Forever (2012)

Once again, what in the hell people eat, drink or ingest in Sweden? Is like almost every band that comes from there kicks ass, over the summer I was blown away by Crucified Barbara‘s new album, and recently the new Evocation album smacked me in the head, now Sister Sin‘s new album Now And Forever is just like receiving a kick in the balls …

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Aug 16

Fozzy – Sin and Bones (2012)

The first time I heard of Fozzy was back in 2006 when I heard the title track from their All That Remains album. I never kept up with Fozzy and in consequence I was unfamiliar with their stuff as the years went by. Fozzy were formed in 1999 as a cover band but soon started …

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Jun 29

Mia Coldheart of Crucified Barbara talked with The Age Of Metal

Having started their musical career back in 1998, but recorded their first album until 2003. Crucified Barbara is an all female hard rock/metal band from Sweden that is about to release their third album The Midnight Chase on Nuclear Blast Records. With a classic style that is a reminiscence of Girlschool, Warlock and Lita Ford, …

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May 22

Unisonic – Unisonic (2012)

Many followers of heavy metal have prayed for this union for more than 15 years now (me included), Everyone knows Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen story and relevance in metal history since their time in Helloween back in the early 80’s, and later Kai Hansen‘s work with his own band Gamma Ray. Even though that …

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Apr 27

Kai Hansen of Unisonic talks with The Age Of Metal

Unisonic was form by Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween) and Dennis Ward (ex-Pink Cream 69) back in 2009. But it was until destiny decided to united the paths of Kiske and Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray, ex Helloween) during their collaboration on Tobias Sammet‘s Avantasia world tour in 2010. Both Kiske & Hansen realized the musical chemistry between them …

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Apr 16

Primal Rock Rebellion – Awoken Broken (2012)

What happens when two different music minds put efforts together to create something new? Well many times the result is something unique that can’t be categorized. That is the case of Primal Rock Rebellion, a project by Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) and Mikee Goodman (Ex-SikTh) that results on their first studio album Awoken Broken, a …

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Jan 18

Selim Lemouchi from The Devil’s Blood Talks to The Age of Metal

The Devil’s Blood is an interesting band. They play the throwback metal/psychedelic stuff that’s really been on the rise lately (as I mentioned in my end of the year list). Their most recent album, The Thousandfold Epicentre, finally came out on US shores and to be honest, I didn’t know who they were before I …

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Aug 29

Edguy – Age Of The Joker (2011)

After three years of absence Edguy returns more strong and funny than ever with Age Of The Joker their tenth studio album – and not this is not a stand up comedy CD – but it could be, when you heard lyrics like “Robin Hood is after you and He’s not in a joking mood” …

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