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Nov 06

Anneke Van Giersbergen talked about Drive with The Age Of Metal

Anneke Van Giersbergen has reached a musical level where not other female metal vocalist has ever dare to go. Her new album Drive is colorful and full of musical textures that projects the moment that Anneke is living as a solo musician. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Jun 25

Scorpion Child – Scorpion Child (2013)

Sometime last year, I went out and saw Gypsyhawk do a very small headliner in Tempe. Little did I know that the show would be stolen by these guys: a little band called Scorpion Child out of Austin, TX (an instant bonding point between myself and the band). Their music hearkens back to Led Zeppelin and …

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May 29

A Pale Horse Named Death – Lay My Soul to Waste (2013)

A Pale Horse Named Death is the morbid child of Sal Abruscato. Comprised of other former Type O Negative members Johnny Kelly and Eddie Heedles, along with Matt Brown of Seventh Void and Uranium 235, one may think this is a “super group.” In reality, this is the blueprint of the brain of Abruscato. Combining …

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May 01

Ghost – Infestissumam (2013)

There is probably no one on this planet that has criticized Ghost more than I have. I think they’re incredibly overrated and that for all of their trying to capture old-school vibes, the music just isn’t good. I remember calling their first record the worst of that year and I still stand by that. However, …

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Apr 25

Flotsam and Jetsam – Ugly Noise (2013)

From the desert wasteland of Arizona Flotsam and Jetsam are releasing their new album called Ugly Noise.  Sincere their career in the early 80’s Flotsam and Jetsam have been pumping out the records over the years.  Ugly Noise is an album that stands out for sure. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Apr 17

Geoff Tate of Queensryche talks with The Age Of Metal

On April 14th Queensryche featuring Geoff Tate played the Marquee Theater.  Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of their album Operation Mind Crime. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Mar 22

Crucified Barbara talked with The Age Of Metal

Blasting drum beats, sharp guitar riffs, and one of the most ‘in your face’ voices out there. That is how I can describe the Swedish quartet Crucified Barbara that last Wednesday played at Joe’s Grotto in Phoenix, AZ as part of their first ever North American tour. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Mar 14

Audrey Horne – Youngblood (2013)

Many of you haven’t heard of Audrey Horne, aside from you Twin Peaks fans (and no, I’m not talking about the character). Many of their members are from other extremely heavy metal groups (Sahg, Enslaved, etc.) but the music is more of something you’d hear from Sabbath or Thin Lizzy. They just put out a …

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Jan 10

Circle II Circle – Seasons Will Fall (2013)

After 10 years of existence Circle II Circle released their sixth studio album Seasons Will Fall. With some line up changes, the band presents a more flexible album in which the sounds of progressive metal, hard rock, and heavy metal combined to bring to life a unique sound experience. Use Facebook to Comment on this …

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Jan 07

Giant X – I (2013)

Giant X is the brainchild of Rolf Kasparek and Peter J. Jordan of Running Wild (you know, the well-known pirate power metal band). On this effort that is not a reflection of what their former band was. Rolf and Peter concentrated in a more rock and roll musical style for this project. Use Facebook to Comment …

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Jan 04

Interview with Zak Stevens of Circle II Circle

Circle II Circle is a band that had resisted the test of time, and the shift of line ups. Founded back in 2001 by Zak Stevens after he left Savatage. Circle II Circle had become an icon in American heavy metal by consistently releasing new and interesting material, and keeping the spirit of Savatage alive. …

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