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May 09

Matt Harvey of Gruesome/Exhumed discussed metal, comics, horror, and Death’s legacy.

Florida/California Death metal machine Gruesome had just wrapped up their first West Coast tour before joining Obituary on an East Coast take over. The band recently released their second EP titled Fragments of Psyche which includes a new song, a cover of Death‘s Choke On It and five raw demos from their debut album Savage …

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May 11

Gruesome – Dimensions of Horror EP (2016)

When Gruesome first emerged in 2015, it’s safe to say the entirety of the metal community was stoked. A death metal supergroup taking influence from the iconic band Death? What isn’t there to be stoked about? Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this band is truly kicking off, and with the release of their …

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Dec 11

Miguel’s Top 20 albums of 2015 

As every year, we dive into a full year of music to select those albums that in one way or another impacted us the most. This year I personally enjoyed each one of this released at their time they came out, and the majority of them are still in heavy rotation within my iPhone. So …

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Sep 11

Gruesome discussed with us Old-School Death Metal and Writing Brutal Music

For several death metal fans, Gruesome is like a dream come true. Finally, a modern band reinventing Death’s sound. The death metal community accepted Gruesome with open arms, especially because it comprises iconic musicians Matt Harvey (Exhumed), Daniel Gonzalez (Possessed), Robin Mazen (Derkéta) and Gus Rios (Malevolent Creation). Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Apr 17

Gruesome – Savage Land (2015)

Most people perceive Gruesome as a reinvented Death mashed up with an insane supergroup. This band is that, but so much more. Gruesome is its own monsters that bites its sharp fangs into brutal soloing and claws deep within complex composition. Each distinguished member delivers their most impressive work which pounds deep into the skull …

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Feb 27

Matt Harvey discussed the origins of Gruesome and the ideas behind Savage Land

Last week we were surprised with the album trailer from a new death metal band called Gruesome, what breaks apart this new union of death metal fanatics and enthusiasts from the conglomerated of bands out there, is the fact that their music is a clear reflection & a tribute to the legacy of Death, We …

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