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Jan 24

Gloryhammer & Civil War at Dynamo Metal (Eindhoven, NL 01/22/18)

Many years after their debut Gloryhammer has become an international power metal phenomenon as they have conquered festivals and clubs around Europe and around the world. What started as a side project from Alestorm‘s main man, Chris Bowes, it has become a whole power metal cult that has reached the highest cheesiest power metal level ever.  …

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Dec 11

Miguel’s Top 20 albums of 2015 

As every year, we dive into a full year of music to select those albums that in one way or another impacted us the most. This year I personally enjoyed each one of this released at their time they came out, and the majority of them are still in heavy rotation within my iPhone. So …

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Nov 22

Chris Bowes of Alestorm & Gloryhammer checked in with The Age Of metal

Patience and hard work are not common words among pirates, but in the case of Scottish pirate metal band Alestorm these two factors can be considered the key of their global success. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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May 13

Gloryhammer’s evil wizard Chris Bowes talked to The Age Of Metal

Three years had passed since Christopher Bowes of Alestorm announced his side power metal project, Gloryhammer. Since then the speculations about how this project would turn out, or what was the idea behind it have not stopped, and so far after the released of Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife their first album the opinions among fans …

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Apr 12

Gloryhammer – Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife

From the mind of pirate captain Christopher Bowes (Alestorm) comes now a new tale of heroic fantasy and heavy metal riff-loaded awesomeness. Under the identity of an evil wizard from the far away land of Fife, Bowes presents us the début album of his side project Gloryhammer. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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