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Jul 12

Last Ride Into Hell / Hellfest Day III

Waking up on Sunday after two amazing days and knowing this was the last day of Hellfest was a really bittersweet feeling. After a recharging breakfast, we were on our way to catch up the set of legendary French heavy metal band Nightmare. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Dec 13

Stephanie’s Top 15 for 2013

2013 marked another fantastic year for metal music. This was definitely the year of surprising releases from bands I thought were over making music. But some of the most vigorous, technical and mind-blowing albums I’ve heard were released. Compiling a list of only fifteen albums to mention was a pain in the ass. But nonetheless …

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May 01

Ghost – Infestissumam (2013)

There is probably no one on this planet that has criticized Ghost more than I have. I think they’re incredibly overrated and that for all of their trying to capture old-school vibes, the music just isn’t good. I remember calling their first record the worst of that year and I still stand by that. However, …

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Dec 18

Jonathan’s Top 10 of 2011

If I had to describe this year in a single word, it would be “revival”. Many of the bands I’ve found myself placing on this list are reviving different styles of metal and making them totally unique and fresh again. It’s fantastic to see so many bands bring back these great styles of music and …

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