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Sep 14

Stefan Schmidt of Van Canto checks in with The Age Of Metal

Have you ever imagine power metal without guitars, bass guitar or keyboards? Well we can say that it is possible and it is being done by German ” A Capella” metal band Van Canto, founded in 2005 with the concept of use the voice to replace the guitar, bass guitar and keyboards. In 2007 The …

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Aug 29

Edguy – Age Of The Joker (2011)

After three years of absence Edguy returns more strong and funny than ever with Age Of The Joker their tenth studio album – and not this is not a stand up comedy CD – but it could be, when you heard lyrics like “Robin Hood is after you and He’s not in a joking mood” …

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Aug 24

Jens Ludwig of Edguy checked in with The Age Of Metal

German metal band Edguy returns with their tenth studio album, Age Of The Joker. After finished a world  tour with his side project Avantasia, vocalist Tobias Sammet meet with the rest of the Edguy gang and started writing and producing material to what it is the new album of Edguy. Age Of The Joker will …

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May 23

Gamma Ray – Skeletons & Majesties EP (2011)

Kai Haisen’s mega monster Gamma Ray returns with what we can call an update in what the band is doing now, a mini album composed by four tracks a bonus track and three different song versions, Skeletons and Majesties show the progress of Gamma Ray without leaving of course their power metal pioneers signature that …

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Apr 24

Wolf Hoffman of ACCEPT talked to The Age Of Metal

Since I listened Blood Of The Nations the latest album of German titans ACCEPT last year,  it got me, it even made it my top 10 of 2010, but when I got news that they were coming to the valley of the sun, I knew that I have to go and see them perform such album …

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