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Feb 02

ECLIPSE Release Video For “Never Look Back” New Album “Monumentum” Out March 24th via Frontiers Music Srl

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of the hotly anticipated fifth studio album from Eclipse, “Monumentum” on March 24, 2017.  Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Jun 03

Jørn Lande talks about his new album Heavy Rock Radio

There is not doubt that Jørn Lande is one of the most iconic vocalists in metal, his solo work and his past work with bands like Masterplan or Avantasia speaks for itself. Jørn Lande‘s work is the representation of a true passion not only for metal but for the art of singing. One of the features that characterize …

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Jun 01

Alessandro Conti of Trick or Treat talks Rabbit’s Hill Pt 2

What started as a Helloween tribute band in 2002, rapidly became a band with a sound on their own. With some of those power metal influences still lingering around, Trick or Treat has grown to be a reckoning force in the Italian metal scene. From touring with Helloween & Stratovarius to a full European tour …

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May 23

Tom Naumann of Primal Fear talked to us about touring and Rulebreaker

Primal Fear has been a seminal German power metal band since their formation back in 1997, the band keeps carrying the flags and the spirit that bands like Accept, Helloween, and Gamma Ray established back the 80’s. This time around Primal Fear returned to the US to promote their new album Rulebreaker after nearly two years of …

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Apr 28

Michael Kiske & Amanda Somerville discussed the new Kiske/Somerville album, City Of Heroes

Kiske/Somerville it’s a studio project that saw that light of day in 2010 with their début self-titled album Kiske/Somerville. This project involves Michael Kiske (Unisonic, ex-Helloween) and Amanda Somerville (Trillium, Avantasia, Rock Meets Classic). These two powerful voices have united their talents again this year, and have delivered a new album titled City of Heroes. …

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Feb 28

Andreas Lill of Vanden Plas discussed Chronicles Of Immortals: Netherworld

Progressive metal has to be one of the most complex and rich sub genres of metal out there, not only you have to be mad skilled to play it, but the musical result is always so epic, that you must have an epic concept to go along with it. And That is exactly what Vanden Plas did on there new album, Chronicles …

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Jan 10

Matt Sinner of Primal Fear talked to us about ‘Delivering The Black’

Primal Fear is one of those bands that represents the pure Teutonic heavy metal sound that bands like Helloween & Gamma Ray created back in the 80’s and 90’s. The band returns this year with their 10th studio album Delivering The Black. This album stays true to the sound that Primal Fear had developed, but the …

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Nov 20

Benedictum – Obey (2013)

Beneditium‘s Obey was unfortunately a disappointment for me. Throughout the album you can tell everyone in the band is talented. However, Benedictum’s performance in Obey reminded me of a good bar band, but nothing that would separate or make them exceptionally memorable against any of the other bands trying for the public’s attention. Use Facebook to Comment …

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Nov 20

Michael Kiske talked about Place Vendome & Unisonic with The Age Of Metal

Place Vendome is a Melodic Rock oriented project that was put together by Frontiers Records’s president Serafino Perugino. The project had released three studio albums so far since 2004, and it served as the return platform for Michael Kiske to the music world. This year the project is releasing a new album titled Thunder In The Distance. Use Facebook …

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Sep 25

Ronnie Atkins of Pretty Maids talked to The Age Of Metal at ProgPower USA XIII

Formed back in 1981 during the boom of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM), Pretty Maids came as an underrated band from Denmark. In 1983 their EP Pretty Maids debuted the band in the international scene, and it opened the doors for them into the already saturated metal market. Use Facebook to Comment …

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Jan 28

Primal Fear – Unbreakable (2012)

 Germany’s very own Primal Fear latest release “Unbreakable” is power metal at its finest with singer Ralf Scheepers hitting his high vocals blasting listeners away, Magnus Karlsson and Alex Beyrodt shredding on guitars, along with Mat Sinner on bass and drummer Randy Black.  It’s the bands latest studio album since The new album has been …

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