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Sep 09

Freak Kitchen – Cooking With Pagans (2014)

Swedish experimental metal trio, Freak Kitchen is about to release their 8th studio album this September, the new opus is titled, Cooking With Pagans. In this new album Freak Kitchen‘s music continuing being experimental, but somehow Cooking With Pagans is a more organic and unadulterated album with relation the material this band have released in the …

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Aug 27

Mattias Eklundh of Freak Kitchen discussed Cooking With Pagans with The Age Of Metal

Freak Kitchen will release their new album Cooking For Pagans this September. What is interesting about this release is the character of the album as a whole, and while you might expect a generic folk metal album from an Scandinavian band. What Freak Kitchen will deliver is an entertaining, fun-loving, and sassy album that doesn’t care …

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