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Nov 07

FORGOTTEN TOMB and CARONTE team up for European tour in 2017

The Italian black/doom metal heavyweights FORGOTTEN TOMB (Agonia Records), soon to celebrate their 18th year of existence with 9 albums under their belt, will hit the road along with the ritualistic doom mongers CARONTE (Van Records) between April and May 2017. Both bands will be presenting their brand new albums, that will be released next …

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Apr 25

Forgotten Tomb – Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love (2015)

With a three year wait, I am sure die hard fans have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on Forgotten Tomb’s latest release- Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love.  As eager as they may have been sometimes it is better to wait for truly inspired material. Not to say that this album will disappoint …

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Dec 27

Maddie’s Top 10 albums of 2012

  2012 was a great year for metal and I definitely had a hard time deciding what to put on my top 10. Pig Destroyer and Deftones were fighting for 10th before I saw that I’d forgotten Shining…but Behexen, Enthroned, Ragnarok, Naglfar, Drudkh, Ihsahn and a lot of other amazing artists released fantastic albums this year. I’m glad …

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