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Aug 18

Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore talked about Constricting Rage of the Merciless at The Summer Slaughter Tour

Goatwhore is a band that’s easily distinguishable by their grungy yet versatile sound. This unique band has conquered the metal scene with unorthodox tracks and a brutal show to match. And this year with their newest release Constricting Rage of the Merciless, The Summer Slaughter Tour has never seen anything so grimy in its existence. …

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Aug 15

Fallujah talked to us about: The Flesh Prevails, Future Touring, and The Summer Slaughter Tour

Picture by: Derek Carr Fallujah is by far one of the most anticipated bands on this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour. And right after Fallujah releases their latest masterpiece titled The Flesh Prevails, I couldn’t think of a better time to see such a mesmerizing band live. Their newest album received only positive feedback from the …

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Aug 12

Bill Robinson of Decrepit Birth talked to us about their next album and The Summer Slaughter Tour 2014

Decrepit Birth is no stranger to The Summer Slaughter Tour. But being one of the most iconic bands in technical death metal, they are definitely an act that everyone should watch. By far one of my personal favorites on this year’s roster, Decrepit Birth blows away the crowd with their dexterous musicianship and energetic stage …

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Aug 05

Summer Slaughter 2014. State Theater St. Petersburg, FL (07/29/14)

The Summer Slaughter Tour is one of the tours I look forward to most to attending every year. All of the most nefarious acts of death metal and progressive metal in one place truly makes it the most brutal tour of the year. In 2014 Summer Slaughter announced one of the best line-ups it’s ever …

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Oct 22

The Age of Metal Speaks to Trey Williams of Dying Fetus about their North American and European Tour and New Music

Dying Fetus is the embodiment of the death metal underground. Their intoxicating vitality, their coined velocity and the infamous name — that is still controversial to this day — makes up this highly influential band. With their legacy span consisting of twenty years, Dying Fetus isn’t stopping anytime soon. They conquered with tours in North …

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Oct 21

The Age of Metal Speaks to Matt Harvey of Exhumed about Necrocracy

Exhumed is one of those bands who perfected the gorey theme in their songwriting, but keeps the song structure so catchy to the point where it sticks to your skull. This results in a band that’s truly unforgettable. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Oct 03

Michael Keene of The Faceless shares new Information on his solo album and the Future of The Faceless with The Age of Metal

The Faceless is the type of band with no true definition. Their sound has wavered and progressed ever since their formation in 2004; from the nefarious and intricate composition their debut album Akeldama coined, to the more melodic and inventive direction that their most recent release Autotheism took. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Sep 25

The Age of Metal speaks to From the Embrace at the Deland Rock & Metal Festival in DeLand, Florida

From the Embrace is a melodic death metal band from Tampa, Florida. This band has been captivating listeners ever since 2007, with their melodic sound overlaying progressive and heavy composition. This band has a lot going for them; a recent merge with melodic death metal band Wirethrone and dates in Georgia and Indianapolis booked, this …

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Aug 14

Interview with David & Phil of Revocation at The Summer Slaughter Tour 2013 in Orlando, Florida

Revocation is by far the most dynamic force of The Summer Slaughter Tour this year. Combining the intensity of thrash metal with the ruthlessness of death metal, Revocation has gained a dedicated fan base over the past several years. And with their newest self-titled album released a week ago, I can only imagine how much …

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Aug 13

Interview with Zeb Nilsson of Aeon at Summer Slaughter 2013 in Orlando, FL (07/26/13)

Aeon is sure to return the blasphemy to The Summer Slaughter Tour 2013. Hailing from Sweden, Aeon traveled a long distance to spread their impious message. Since they released their newest album Aeon’s Black last year, Aeon has received constant praise and did some touring in support of the album. Now being a part of …

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Aug 07

Havok at The Orpheum. Tampa, Florida (08/01/2013)

Usually when I do press for an event I become Ms. Awesome-Metal-Chick and chill in the back of the venue, observing the performance and think of some clever descriptions for my review. But the thrash arbitrators Havok laid the way to make my show review more accurate than my previous ones; they dragged my cute …

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