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Nov 20

Cannibal Corpse plays Venue 578 In Orlando, FL 11/07/2015

From start to finish, seeing the Cannibal Corpse headlining tour at Venue 578 was pretty great. Orlando, Florida had no idea what to expect when these nefarious crazies came to town. Cannibal Corpse literally kills each time they play but joining them on this tour with Cattle Decapitation and Soreption. Obviously not an easygoing show …

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Sep 11

Gruesome discussed with us Old-School Death Metal and Writing Brutal Music

For several death metal fans, Gruesome is like a dream come true. Finally, a modern band reinventing Death’s sound. The death metal community accepted Gruesome with open arms, especially because it comprises iconic musicians Matt Harvey (Exhumed), Daniel Gonzalez (Possessed), Robin Mazen (Derkéta) and Gus Rios (Malevolent Creation). Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Sep 03

Chris Alfieri of Vattnet Viskar discusses Settler with The Age of Metal

Vattnet Viskar is an example of a band rising high in our universe, pushing their celestial boundaries. With two studio albums and a slew of tours supporting giant names, this band is a pulsating force that is widely extending their influence. With their newest release Settler, this band has proven they’re worthy of captivating every …

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May 29

The Age of Metal speaks to Soreption while on the Back to the U.S. Tour

There are multiple bands forming each day, and for this reason the music community is oversaturated. It’s becoming more difficult for bands to become recognized. But the band that crossed this difficult barrier is Soreption. This is a death metal band that uses inhuman dexterity to win their fans over, but their adept skill of …

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Feb 23

Barney Greenway of Napalm Death speaks with The Age of Metal about Apex Predator — Easy Meat

When I told my friends this would be the first time I saw Napalm Death, they all pretty much said to expect total chaos. Well, chaos ensured at the Through Space and Grind tour on January 28th at the State Theater. Despite the small stage, all members of Napalm Death ravaged the little venue. St. …

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Feb 19

Michel ‘Away’ Langevin of Voivod checked in with The Age Of Metal

Voivod has always been one of the most unusual forces in metal. This band has influenced and provoked a wide range of musicians, and stands the test of time as one of the most innovative bands in metal. This band’s live show is illimitable; each member emanates energy so powerful the crowd feels it coursing …

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Feb 18

Andy Thomas & Rik Stelzpflug of Black Crown Initiate checked in with The Age of Metal

Very few bands have ever achieved fast exposure the way Black Crown Initiate did. Their unique combination of melodic tones with thundering waves quickly provokes any listener. Yet, the most unique quality about this band is how they encompass both dexterity and passion: a recipe for the perfect band. With the release of their début …

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Dec 13

Looking Back At Death: A conversation with Steve DiGiorgio of Death To All

I would not be the death metal fanatic that I am today without Death. I was always a fan of heavy music, but when I discovered Death I realized that the heavy music I love could be something much more; that heavy music could encompass mind-blowing dexterity while still remaining brutal. Death paved the way …

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Oct 25

The Age of Metal speaks with John Tardy of Obituary

If there’s one thing I can say about Obituary in 2014 is that they will surely conquer. With the release of Inked In Blood along with touring among slaying death metal line-ups in both the Inked in Steel tour and DTA, Obituary’s blood-trailed excursions will remind us who one of the most iconic death metal …

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Sep 16

Overkill live at The Orpheum. Tampa, FL (09/13/14)

There’s something about thrash metal that separates it when any other style of music. It could be its velocity, it could be the catchiness, it could be the brutality, or perhaps all of it that makes the listener completely engulfed by the music. The Overkill show at Tampa on September 13 is by far the …

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Aug 19

The Age of Metal speaks to Jason Keyser of Origin about Omnipresent at The Summer Slaughter Tour

There are some mind-blowing acts at this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour, but none more impressive than Origin. Origin is one of the most iconic technical death metal bands in history. And since the release of their newest album Omnipresent, they only impress the crowd more. There is nothing better than watching the crazy Origin solos …

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