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May 04

Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell discussed the new album Extinct & the 20th anniversary of Wolfheart

After more than 20 years of musical career Moonspell continues delivering top A studio albums, and live performances. Last March they released their new album Extinct. A ten track album that shines from beginning to end, and that presents a new face of the Moonspell trademark sound. Along with the album, Moonspell is currently touring North America …

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Feb 07

Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell talked with The Age Of metal

During the last 20 years, Moonspell has become one of the most important, and one of the bands pioneers of the gothic metal genre. From the release of their first album Wolfheart all the way to their latest double album Alpha Noir/Omega White, they had transformed the landscape of gothic metal, and along with bands like Typo O Negative, and Paradise Lost, they …

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Apr 13

Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell checks in with The Age Of Metal

Is not doubt that Moonspell has been one of the pioneer bands on the gothic metal scene along with Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, Lacrimosa and My Dying Bride since their beginning back in the early 90’s, and their dark style and lyrics has been a huge influence in gothic metal ever since. This year …

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