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Jun 08

Steve Souza of Exodus discusses playing in Florida and new music.

Exodus is one of the most legendary thrash metal bands. This is why Florida is stoked to have this monster act headline a couple of dates in the sunshine state! This is a band that has been around the world and back so many times they travel for the rest of us, but it’s a …

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Apr 06

Chuck Billy of Testament discussed Dark Roots Of Thrash II tour & the upcoming new album.

There is always a sense of joy after witnessing a well crafted thrash metal show, no matter if it was the show’s sound, the energy from the crowd, or the relevance of the bands up on the stage, but watching a show of Testament & Exodus is just a thrash metal treat on itself. I …

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Dec 22

Miguel’s Top 20 Albums of 2014

Once again, like every year I see myself in the difficult task of picking the best albums of the year. This year was again difficult as not only the quantity and quality of music that passed through my desk was higher and better than the one in previous years. You might not find many of the …

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Dec 03

Tom Hunting of Exodus on Blood In Blood Out and touring with Slayer

Exodus has been one of the fundamental pieces in the formation of thrash metal how we know it today, it’s not doubt that albums like Bonded By Blood, Pleasures Of The Flesh, and Fabulous Disaster are among the albums that shaped the thrash metal landscape. This year, finally Exodus released a new album. Blood In …

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Nov 19

Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies & Exodus at Comerica Theater. Phoenix, AZ (11/15/14)

Heavy riffs, beer, & eternal irreverent lyrics that invite to the worship of war and Satan. That is what you find at a Slayer concert, and really who would say not to that, after all they represent 25% of the Big 4 of American thrash metal, and one of the most influential heavy metal bands …

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Mar 29

Gary Holt of Exodus talked to The Age Of Metal

Exodus is one of those bands that you would never forget if you happened to see them live, because either they blown you away with their show, or you got surprise about how energetic their fans are, or because you got your shirt ripped off, and lost one of your shoes during the mosh pit …

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Mar 28

Metal Alliance Tour 2013 at Marquee Theater. Tempe, AZ (03/24/13)

2013 will go down in the books as the most thrashing metal line up that the Metal Alliance Tour has ever conjured. You got Anthrax (playing Among The Living on its entirely), Exodus, High On Fire, Municipal Waste & Holy Grail, with this line up I guarantee you that your tour date will get a wild …

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