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Sep 19

Tom & Henrik of Evergrey talked about The Storm Within.

Evergrey recently released their new album The Storm Within and soon they will be embarking on a European tour supporting Delain. The new Evergrey album picked up where Hymns for the Broken left off, but with a much darker tone. Something that is not only pleasing to the ear, but it also it reflects on …

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Dec 22

Miguel’s Top 20 Albums of 2014

Once again, like every year I see myself in the difficult task of picking the best albums of the year. This year was again difficult as not only the quantity and quality of music that passed through my desk was higher and better than the one in previous years. You might not find many of the …

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Sep 16

The Kings of Errors Unveiled: A chat with Tom Englund & Jonas Ekdahl of Evergrey

Evergrey‘s new album, Hymns For The Broken is bound to be released on September 30th (US release) and so far it could be described, as one of the stronger releases the band had done in years. Glorious Collision, their previous album had some interesting moments, but it falls short to how amazing and deep Hymns …

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Aug 25

Evergrey – Hymns Of The Broken (2014)

Hymns For The Broken is Evergrey‘s 9th studio album following a three-year wait from the Glorious Collision released in February 2011. A unique part of this album is the fact that we have some returning faces in the band which I felt is the reason I felt reminiscent of Inner Circle (2004) while listening to the album. By no means …

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Oct 09

Evergrey talked Glorious Collision with The Age Of Metal

Characterized for their dark lyrics an melodic riffs, Evergrey has become one of the top metal acts in the world since their debut in 1995. At the beginning of this year the band released their 8th studio album titled Glorious Collision. With a new line up and a more darker approach to music, from both …

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