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Mar 28

Alex Straropoli of Rhapsody of Fire talks Into The Legend & 70000 Tons Of Metal

Rhapsody of Fire is a band that along with Hammerfall, Stratovarius and Therion revamped the meaning of the word heavy metal back in the 90’s and the early 2000’s. Rhapsody of Fire quickly developed a peculiar sound that was so epic that even the lyrical part of their music was absolutely stellar. Use Facebook to …

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Sep 06

Teemu of Wintersun checked in with The Age Of Metal

Since their first tour in North America last year, Wintersun got a great response from every city they visited on that tour. With less than a year from that experience, they came back headlining their own North American tour (Something that is difficult to achieve for a European band in such short time) I don’t …

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Apr 12

Gloryhammer – Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife

From the mind of pirate captain Christopher Bowes (Alestorm) comes now a new tale of heroic fantasy and heavy metal riff-loaded awesomeness. Under the identity of an evil wizard from the far away land of Fife, Bowes presents us the début album of his side project Gloryhammer. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Dec 31

The Age Of Metal Top 5 Albums of 2012

  For the first time in our little history as a metal webzine, We came out with a general top 5 best album of the year regardless the different metal taste of our writers, it were some records we enjoyed as a whole. So after looking at some albums featured on the top 10 lists …

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Dec 28

Miguel’s Top 15 Albums of 2012

  2012 indeed was a great year for metal music. Great bands returned to the spotlight, others put a great effort of make something creative and different. I had great difficulty making this list, it were many great records that were left out that I enjoyed over the course of this year, but i have …

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Dec 24

Jackie’s Top 10 Albums of 2012

2012 was an incredible year for album releases.  Looking through all the collection through various genres of metal it was nearly impossible to choose 10. But after lots of thinking this is the 10 that made the cut. 10. The 69 Eyes – X Not cheesy but yes slightly romantic goth metal.  Although completely different from everything …

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Nov 29

Teemu Mäntysaari & Jukka Koskinen of Wintersun talked with The Age Of Metal

Wintersun is one of those bands that you would never dream to see in a North American tour line up, But I guess dreams do come true. After 8 years of their debut album Wintersun, ;the band had return this year to the international spotlight with a shiny new album that took 6 years in …

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Nov 27

Christofer Johnsson of Therion talked Les Fleurs Du Mal with The Age Of Metal

After 25 years in the music business, working with many recognized musicians, and producing a back catalog of over a dozen of studio albums with his band Therion. A band that broke all the musical barriers to successfully blend symphonic music, opera, and metal. Christofer Johnsson is a not only one of the greatest musicians …

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Nov 03

Jean-Francois Dagenais of Ex Deo talked Caligvla with The Age Of Metal

Ex Deo is one of those bands that their concept goes beyond their music, and in this case Maurizio Lacono had developed the way to tell the story of ancient Rome through the music of the band. With their first album Ex Deo told the story of Romulus, and the birth of the empire. On …

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Oct 21

Wintersun – Time I (2012)

Awaited, delayed, the “Chinese Democracy” of metal, the “Holy Grail of folk metal” and whatever else you want to say about the new Wintersun album Time I, is totally invalid as the wait for it was worth it, and the band delivers a complete piece of musical greatness. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Aug 27

Ex Deo – CALIGVLA (2012)

“Let them hate me, so that they will but fear me.” Caligula It was the year 37 AD when Rome saw the rise to power of one of the most brutal and ruthless of all Roman emperors Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, better known as Caligula. His story is full of blood, murder, fear and …

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