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Feb 04

Delain – Lunar Prelude EP (2016)

Since I discovered Delain back in 2007 they have fascinated me on both the studio and live form. Their sound has changed since Lucidity as with every record they just push themselves forward and forward surpassing expectations with every album they release.  Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Jan 26

Daniël de Jongh of Textures talked about Phenotype and Genotype

Dutch technical death metal band, Textures returns in 2016 with a new album titled Phenotype, which is the first part of their Phenotype & Genotype double album concept. The second part, Genotype is expected to be release next year. This album series comes after a period of silence between albums where Dualism (2011) was the …

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Oct 06

Rowan Roodbaert of Heidevolk on touring North America

Dutch pagan metal band Heidevolk just wrapped their second North American tour supporting Russian pagans Arkona, While the tour was successful as the band got a pretty good response from the crowds, there were some interesting things happening to them; like getting a flat tire 10 miles outside Las Vegas, or their bus catching fire 20 …

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May 12

Charlotte Wessels of Delain on touring North America, new music, and guesting on the new Kamelot album

Currently Delain is finishing their third North American tour in three consecutive years, something that gradually for their fan base it had become some sort of tradition (yes, we would love to have them in 2016 too, let’s hope that happens). But since their first tour in 2013, Delain had played decent size venues across …

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Mar 11

Arjen Lucassen of The Gentle Storm discussed The Diary, and working with Anneke van Giersbergen

Arjen Anthony Lucassen, well-known multi instrumentalist, composer & songwriter always knows how to surprise us with each one of his musical projects (Ayreon, Star One, Guilt Machine just to name a few) This time around he had team up with the amazing vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen (ex- The Gathering) to create The Gentle Storm, an amazing …

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Mar 10

Carach Angren – This is No Fairytale (2015)

Carach Angren sure does have a way of telling a story. Their newest release This is No Fairytale captures the supposed innocent nature of fairy tales and twists it in ways that are just cruel. In short, they released the rabbit and you follow it down the rabbit-hole, only to fall upon a world of …

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Oct 28

Ardek of Carach Angren talked to us about touring North America and their upcoming album

Since I got to listen the début album, Lammendam (2008) for the first time, the ghostly dutch trio Carach Angren got my attention. Right from the start,their style is different to any other symphonic black metal band out there, even though they used almost the same stage presence, their music and attitude of Carach Angren sets …

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Oct 07

Charlotte Wessels of Delain talked about the North American tour & The Human Contradiction

Dutch band Delain had raised to stardom in North America since their début tour last year as supporting act for Kamelot, fast-forwarding a year later, they are at it again, this time supporting Finnish metal legends Sonata Arctica, along to fellow label mates Xandria. A bill that caters the lovers of fast riffs, sing along …

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Oct 06

The Dragon Conversation: An Interview With Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation

Within Temptation has been a huge inspiration for many bands out there, as their music pioneers the symphonic metal genre, and the band itself is the love of many people that is fond of that genre and lifestyle. Last time they toured the west coast of the United States was back in 2008. Now they have returned to …

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Sep 27

Dragons In L.A: Within Temptation Live At Club Nokia. Los Angeles, CA (09/26/14)

It has been 6 long years since Dutch symphonic metal pionners Within Temptation last visit the west coast on a formal tour (three of their member were here in Los Angeles for a intimate acoustic at The Joint back in January as part of the promotional tour for Hydra, their new album). Last night’s show …

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May 05

Unfolding The Wild Card – A Conversation With Floor Jansen Of ReVamp

Unless you were living under a rock during the last two years, by now you should know about ReVamp, as the band of Nightwish’s new vocalist Floor Jansen (ex-After Forever). The band was created in 2010 and released their self-titled début album the same year, in 2013 ReVamp released their second album Wild Card, and toured …

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