Tag: Dutch Gothic Metal

Mar 13

The Philosophy of Contradition, A conversation with Charlotte Wessels of Delain

It is quite interesting to see how bands progress and develop their sound one album at the time, in the case of Dutch gothic metal act, Delain, they when from being a symphonic project, to flirt with pop and electronic sounds, then back to a more heavy sound that also combines those pop & electronic …

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Jan 06

Within Temptation – Hydra (2014)

When Within Temptation released the four songs EP, Paradise (What About Us) a couple of months ago they gave us a small advance of what it was coming with Hydra. definitely they keep some of the essence from The Unforgiving, their last album. But they got back to be more heavy, and experimental with Hydra. Use …

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May 03

Delain – Interlude (2013)

The Netherlands has become a cradle for symphonic gothic metal bands, they had given us: Epica, Within Temptation, After Forever, and their latest prodigy is Delain. The band is about to release their 4th studio album. Interlude, and their first with their new record label Napalm Records. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Jul 20

Martijn Westerholt of Delain discussed We Are The Others with The Age Of Metal

It’s been almost 10 years since Martijn Westerholt and Charlotte Wessels decided to join forces and created Delain, their first album Lucidity was released in 2006 creating an impact in the European metal scene at the time not only because of their innovating style, but also because of the variety of metal artists that the band …

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Nov 10

Manda Ophius Of Nemesea talked about The Quiet Resistance with The Age Of Metal

After four years of absence Dutch rockers Nemesea returned with a new album, The Quiet Resistance. Backed up by Napalm Records as their new label, the band had shifted gears again. Now their proposal is more electronic, aggressive and with some new metal & industrial influences on it. Some of the gothic and metal elements …

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Aug 01

Marcela Bovio of Stream Of Passion talked to The Age Of Metal

 Stream Of Passion returns to the international scene with their third album Darker Days, one of the most deepest and darker albums that the band have recorded so far. The lyrics written by vocalist Marcela Bovio bring out her emotions and her thoughts about her change of life style and environment from her native Mexico …

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