Tag: Death Metal

Aug 03

Jay Evans of Ingested discussed new music at Summer Slaughter Tour

One of the bands I was looking most forward to seeing at Summer Slaughter was Ingested. This is a modern death metal band I grew to appreciate, and I only heard great things about their live set. It was their first time playing in Tampa, so this show was gargantuan for them. And even as …

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Jul 30

One Foot in the Grave show review (Mesa, AZ 07/25/16)

On Monday, July 25 the One Foot in the Grave tour played at Club Red. The lineup for the night was Night Demon, Ghoul, Crowbar, and Carcass. I was really excited to see Carcass and Night Demon again and to check out Ghoul and Crowbar. For this show, the bands played on the bigger side …

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Jul 28

David Davidson of Revocation discusses Great Is Our Sin at the Summer Slaughter Tour

Revocation is a band that changes dramatically with each album. This is a band that’s relatively new in their careers, yet has created a legacy behind their ever fluctuating sound. Whether it’s with talent or force, Revocation is the band that stands out the most in modern day metal. Use Facebook to Comment on this …

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Jul 19

Victor Brandt of Entombed A.D. discussed Hellfest & Beer

Entombed A.D. was one of the most amazing bands who played at Hellfest. This is one of the bands I’ve been excited about since their influence on the metal scene is the strongest today than it has ever been. My first time seeing them was when they played in Tampa, supporting Amon Amarth. Use Facebook …

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Jul 18

Entrails talked to The Age of Metal at Hellfest 2016

Out of all of the bands who played at Hellfest, Entrails is one of the ones who conquered. I would even argue they were the most brutal band in the whole festival. With a ruthless set that includes plenty of headbanging and moshing, these Swedish death metal titans made a lot of extreme metal fans …

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Jun 07

James Genez of Jungle Rot discusses Metal Alliance Tour and Touring

With how heavy Jungle Rot is, you’ll never guess this band was formed in Kenosha, Wisconsin. But with a hefty discography and years of touring, this band sits right up there with all of the extreme metal legends. While performing at Metal Alliance 2016, their response was one of the best for the tour. Use …

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May 30

Trey Williams of Dying Fetus discusses Metal Alliance Tour and new music.

Dying Fetus is the one band who has remained true to the underground death metal scene. This band influences countless death metal bands. And with that being said, no band has the speed and strength that Dying Fetus possesses. Dying Fetus proves their “Stop at Nothing” legacy — that has lasted over twenty years — …

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May 11

Gruesome – Dimensions of Horror EP (2016)

When Gruesome first emerged in 2015, it’s safe to say the entirety of the metal community was stoked. A death metal supergroup taking influence from the iconic band Death? What isn’t there to be stoked about? Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this band is truly kicking off, and with the release of their …

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Apr 22

Abnormality – Mechanisms of Omniscience (2016)

What’s death metal without melting faces? With all of the brutality and technicality behind Abnormality’s Mechanisms of Omniscience, there will sure be face melting. Death metal’s most insane modern band will blow listeners away with their debut Metal Blade Records release. With every face-punching riff, hard-hitting blast beats, and raw vocalizing you will be ripped …

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Apr 12

Sven de Caluwe of Aborted discusses Retrogore & admits he’s Freddy Krueger

There is no death metal band more unmerciful than Aborted. Everyone knows this band has the power to reduce you to blood and guts. Every shredding solo or blast beat sounds like ripping flesh. Mixed in with Sven de Caluwe’s vocals, this band hooks you by your own flesh and perpetually drags you around. And …

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Apr 11

Amon Amarth raids The Pressroom (Phoenix, AZ 04/08/16)

There is always a thrill component when you go to an Amon Amarth show, you don’t know what to expect yet you know that there will be a lot of chanting, and you will be throwing the horns on the air almost during the whole show. This time around the Swedish Vikings are raiding the North …

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