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Mar 11

David Sanchez of Havok talks about touring with Megadeth and their upcoming album.

With over 10 years of existence, many line-up reincarnations and a worldwide touring record. Havok had reached what many young bands aspire to achieve when they start their rehearsals at house garages and basements around the US. They are touring with big name artists and playing gigs at arena level stages. For Havok that came …

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Feb 13

David Sanchez of Havok discussed NAMM 2015, and touring 38 countries on a single year.

Havok is a band that have gone from being a local band to a national act, then to a full international recognized act. I still remember them from a being the support band of Hammerfall back in 2010, to tour side by side with Soulfly a couple of years back. Havok‘s sound forms part of the modern …

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Jul 09

The Age of Metal Speaks with David Sanchez of Havok

The insane thrash force known as Havok is going to conquer your mind. Ever since 2004, Havok has provided us with some of the most vigorous material known to man. Their newest album, Unnatural Selection, is sure to bring you copious malevolence. With grueling solos, radical lyrics and hammering drums and bass this album truly …

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Nov 03

David Sanchez of Havok talked with The Age Of Metal

Based out of Denver, Colorado thrash metal band Havok hit Scottsdale,AZ on Sunday October 28th at Pub Rock. The tiny little venue was no match for the reckless behavior of the crowd.  Despite being a Sunday night the small crowd who attended the show tore it up.  Intense moshing and several attempts to crowd surf is …

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