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Aug 26

Death metal superband Akurion speaks to The Age of Metal about the band formation and future plans

Akurion is a new force that has already proved their might. This ravaging beast is composed of some of the most talented musicians notably known from bands such as Cryptopsy, Augury and Neuraxis. While these are all legendary bands, Akurion is its own monster that has been locked up and thirsty for blood. Anxiously awaiting …

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May 26

The Age of Metal talks to Cryptopsy about The Book of Suffering: Tome 1

For anyone who’s a death metal fan, you know Cryptopsy is iconic. From their career spanning over twenty years, they originally stood out by introducing an inhuman sound that was way ahead of its time. While they continue to produce material with ample amounts of vigor and dexterity, there is one main component that claims …

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Nov 13

Cryptopsy – The Best of Us Bleed (2012)

Since the early 90’s Canada’s very own Cryptopsy has redefined the sound and essence of technical death metal.  20 years and 7 Studio albums later its about time we get a collection of their best & finest most brutal songs.  Hand picked this new great compilation album called “The Best of Us Bleed,” contains 2 discs …

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