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Aug 13

Mia Coldheart of Crucified Barbara on In The Red

There is rare occasions in which you can find bands that can easily produce rock and roll with such passion, that the result is so natural and addictive that you get floored as soon you listen their new music. Well, Crucified Barbara from Sweden are one of those bands. Use Facebook to Comment on this …

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Jul 17

Crucified Barbara – In The Red (2014)

In 2012, Crucified Barbara shocked the world with their album The Midnight Chase, which was a combination of straight heavy metal and aggressive lyrics. With that album the band was able to visit places like Brazil, and their first ever North American tour. In 2014, the Swedish ladies of Crucified Barbara return with In The …

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Mar 22

Crucified Barbara talked with The Age Of Metal

Blasting drum beats, sharp guitar riffs, and one of the most ‘in your face’ voices out there. That is how I can describe the Swedish quartet Crucified Barbara that last Wednesday played at Joe’s Grotto in Phoenix, AZ as part of their first ever North American tour. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Dec 28

Miguel’s Top 15 Albums of 2012

  2012 indeed was a great year for metal music. Great bands returned to the spotlight, others put a great effort of make something creative and different. I had great difficulty making this list, it were many great records that were left out that I enjoyed over the course of this year, but i have …

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Jul 29

Crucified Barbara – The Midnight Chase (2012)

It has been a while since I had the time to enjoy an all girl metal band, I think since Warlock or Girlschool or even The Runaways, until I listened to  Crucified Barbara. A quartet of gorgeous and talented musicians that since their formation in 1998 they have created kick ass heavy metal. But it was until 2005 …

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Jun 29

Mia Coldheart of Crucified Barbara talked with The Age Of Metal

Having started their musical career back in 1998, but recorded their first album until 2003. Crucified Barbara is an all female hard rock/metal band from Sweden that is about to release their third album The Midnight Chase on Nuclear Blast Records. With a classic style that is a reminiscence of Girlschool, Warlock and Lita Ford, …

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