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May 18

Charlotte Wessels of Delain discussed touring and upcoming Live DVD

Seven years after their US début in Atlanta, Delain is now about to complete their first co-headlining US tour.  After four years of diligently coming to the US every year even twice in one year as a supporting band, they had converted thousands of people around the US into passionate fans that show up to the …

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Jul 08

Charlotte Wessels & Timo Somers of Delain talked Hellfest & Moonbathers

Hellfest was a great experience that changes your view of what a real metal festival is, not only the environment, the people, and all the art that the Hellfest organization has put into the Clisson Hellfest grounds, there is the lineup and the artist you get to see. This year we were pleased to see Delain once …

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Nov 16

Phantasma – The Deviant Hearts (2015)

Phantasma is the result of a collaboration project between Charlotte Wessels of Delain, Georg Neuhauser of Serenity and Oliver Philipps of Everon. The idea behind it, it seems to be a band that has little to nothing to be with their main projects. The Deviant Hearts is their début album. Use Facebook to Comment on this …

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May 12

Charlotte Wessels of Delain on touring North America, new music, and guesting on the new Kamelot album

Currently Delain is finishing their third North American tour in three consecutive years, something that gradually for their fan base it had become some sort of tradition (yes, we would love to have them in 2016 too, let’s hope that happens). But since their first tour in 2013, Delain had played decent size venues across …

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Oct 07

Charlotte Wessels of Delain talked about the North American tour & The Human Contradiction

Dutch band Delain had raised to stardom in North America since their début tour last year as supporting act for Kamelot, fast-forwarding a year later, they are at it again, this time supporting Finnish metal legends Sonata Arctica, along to fellow label mates Xandria. A bill that caters the lovers of fast riffs, sing along …

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Mar 13

The Philosophy of Contradition, A conversation with Charlotte Wessels of Delain

It is quite interesting to see how bands progress and develop their sound one album at the time, in the case of Dutch gothic metal act, Delain, they when from being a symphonic project, to flirt with pop and electronic sounds, then back to a more heavy sound that also combines those pop & electronic …

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Sep 28

Charlotte Wessels of Delain checked in with The Age Of Metal

I heard about Delain from the first time at a Nightwish concert back in 2007, during a conversation with an old friend, after research them and order a copy of their debut album Lucidity, they blew my mind, as by that time the project was more like the pilot for a super group. Use Facebook to …

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Aug 16

Georg Neuhauser of Serenity checks in with The Age Of Metal

Five months ago the Austrian progressive power metal band Serenity released their third full length album titled; Death & Legacy. A whole historical conceptual album from beginning to end, stories of discovery, science, power, inquisition and treason, featuring known characters like Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake, Maria Stuart and others conform the stories behind this album. …

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