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Mar 14

Nick & Steve of Paradise Lost discussed 70000 Tons of Metal & The Plague Within

Since I discovered Gothic and Draconian Times, two of the most impressive albums by English gothic metal maestros Paradise Lost, I was in love with their music. Paradise Lost‘s music has always channelled sadness and sorrow in a way in which those feelings can be acknowledged and embrace in the same way as we embrace …

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Feb 23

Marco Aro of The Haunted discussed Touring, Exit Wounds and The Resistance.

After 20 years of in and outs and up and downs, The Haunted was finally back in the US after 7 years of absence, while still promoting their later album Exit Wounds, the band recently embarked on a short North American tour with fellow Swedish band At The Gates, Polish band Decapitated and American Hardcore act …

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Feb 21

Jeremy Wagner of Broken Hope discussed Jeff Hanneman’s Guitars & new album.

Broken Hope is a band that had defined the genre of brutal death metal. They were always recognized as a powerful force in extreme music, but their chokehold has only increased since they reunited. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Dec 30

Øystein G. Brun of Borknagar discussed their new album Winter Thrice

With 20 years of existence and 10 studio albums under their belt, Borknagar keeps showing why they belong to the hall of heroes of Norwegian metal. Continuing with the tradition of mixing black and folk metal they will be delivering a fresh album titled Winter Thrice that not  only reflects the progression of the band, but …

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Nov 10

Intronaut – The Direction of Last Things (2015)

Intronaut has always been a band that has progressed fast. With talented individuals these musicians and songwriters craft songs anyone can remember. They use a blend of catchy melodies with aggression that’s illimitable. With The Direction of Last Things, they opened themselves up to new ideas and in this process they effectively rediscovered themselves. Not …

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Aug 31

Insomnium & Omnium Gatherum play Club Red (Mesa, AZ 08/30/15)

Melodic death metal fans are brave and passionate enough to filled up a venue on a Sunday night (having to work early Monday morning), but when you have two of the greatest melodic death metal bands coming out from Finland visiting your town on a Sunday night, there is not obstacle that this crowd wouldn’t …

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Aug 24

Michael Amott discussed Summer Slaughter 2015 and Arch Enemy’s next move.

While in the last days of the Summer Slaughter tour 2015, Arch Enemy stopped in Tempe, AZ last week as the band prepares to finish their North American campaign before returning to Europe this week. But a shy attendance that wasn’t even the shadow of the crowd that received them last November while toured North America …

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Aug 04

Krisiun – Forged in Fury (2015)

If there’s one thing Krisiun’s new album Forged in Fury proves, it’s what true death metal sounds like. The Brazilian headbangers reach predominant musicianship with this album. Carving out the stone of brutality, this band doesn’t take any easy strides with this album. Forged in Fury is full of potent riffing and an enduring drum …

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Jun 01

Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost discussed The Plague Within

Paradise Lost is releasing their 14th studio album titled The Plague WIthin, and after 27 years of great music this English gentlemen still on top of their game, the album is a bomb of doomy, melancholic, and gothic goodness from beginning to end. The album itself reflects the band’s maturity, and at the same time it …

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May 27

Paradise Lost – The Plague Within (2015)

For the last 27 years Paradise Lost have become one of the main contributors to the gothic metal sound, they were there when all started, side by side with Type O Negative, Tiamat, Moonspell, and so on. They are the reason many of us love this genre, and embrace darkness, melancholy and sorrow just as …

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May 19

Tesseract – Scala/Odyssey ‘Live audio’ (2015)

British quintet TesseracT has been active and constantly evolving since their international break through in 2011 with their album One, they are now releasing their first live CD/DVD titled Scala/Odyssey, which basically is a trip through their two first albums. What makes this album different is not that the video portion of the album was …

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