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Feb 12

The Agonist – Eye of Providence (2015)

The Canadian metal band, The  Agonist, was created and founded a decade ago by bass player Chris Kells, guitarist Danny Marino, and front woman Alissa White-Gluz (whom if you weren’t aware, left the band to replace Angela Gossow of Swedish metal band Arch Enemy earlier last year). As the fans of both Arch Enemy and …

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Jan 23

Skull Fist/Elm Street/ Night Demon at Nile Theater (01/20/15)

Last Tuesday night, I got the pleasure to see a great heavy metal show down at Nile Theater, even though I am not too fond of the venue, as is not the best we have around here, I can say that the Skull Fist, Elm Street & Night Demon show sounded fairly solid, and it …

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Jan 21

Mayhem-Watain-Revenge bring Black Metal Warfare to Cleveland, OH (01/15/15)

Black Metal Warfare January 15, 2015 was definitely a night of anticipation from the announcement of such an epic line up; Canada’s Revenge, Swedish master’s Watain, and the unrivaled legendary Mayhem, to the mid-winter door delay. About an hour later than expected, the doors finally opened to the frostbit, but diverse Cleveland metal crowd. Admittedly, …

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Dec 31

Leah – Kings & Queens (2015)

Leah‘s new album Kings & Queens is the sophomore album of Canadian vocalist and songwriter Leah McHenry, her music and voice has been compared with Enya, which has resulted on her to be called the ‘Metal Enya‘ because of her use of celtic music and symphonic metal. Kings & Queens is an elaborated record that …

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Dec 24

Devin Townsend discussed Z2, Casualties Of Cool, Touring, and what is next for him

Describing a live performance by Devin Townsend is never a simple task, you could say that he was fantastic, charismatic, insane, or in the worst case scenario weird. But, the truth is, Devin Townsend live is a whole interactive energetic experience, it’s not like a regular concert. He gives himself every night, his shows are …

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Nov 23

Devin Townsend Project – Z2: Dark Matters/Sky Blue (2014)

Canadian musician, Devin Townsend, former vocalist/guitarist for the band Strapping Young Lad (1997-2007), recently released the sequel to his 2007 rock opera – Ziltoid the Omniscient, Z2: Dark Matters/Sky Blue. Z2, short for Ziltoid 2, is a double concept album that has been a-long-time-a-coming. The very talented Devin Townsend wrote, produced, and released the album …

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May 12

Archspire – The Lucid Collective (2014)

Archspire is the band that is out to change the technical death metal genre. This band coins their singular sound with their technique of non-repetitive songwriting, beyond-dexterous musicianship and an inhuman brutality that no other band holds. Their sophomore album, The Lucid Collective, encompasses these elements in the most heinous of ways. Use Facebook to …

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Apr 26

Jean-François “J.F.” Dagenais of Kataklysm checked in with The Age of Metal

Nearly two decades after forming, Canadian band Kataklysm are still an iconic part of the extreme death metal scene, and they are far from slowing their pace dominating the world with the brutality of their music. They are currently touring North America following their 2013 release of their twelfth studio album titled Waiting for the …

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Apr 22

Steven”Lips” Kudlow of Anvil checked in with The Age Of Metal

Canadian heavy metal legends, Anvil, are currently touring the USA promoting their new album, Hope In Hell. Their show filled up the Big Fish Pub last Friday (04/18/14) here in Tempe, AZ with die-hard metalheads that gathered to witness at first hand, how metal is really pounded.   Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Dec 18

Insatia – Asylum Denied (2013)

Insatia‘s new album Asylum Denied was released a couple of weeks ago in Itunes without any label, sponsorship or the already overused IndieGoGo. This Canadian/American trio unleashed a pretty good album that is worth the attention and support of gothic metal fans in the US. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Nov 27

Rody Walker of Protest The Hero checked in with The Age Of Metal

Canadian progressive metal band Protest The Hero, has become quite the revelation in the ‘Modern Metal’ circuit as their music arise on popularity, and their shows are regularly packed. An example of their popularity among young fans was the fact that their Indiegogo crown funding campaign for their new album Volition was reached within 30 hours …

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